8.24.15 | Back to School

Today was the first day of school for the kiddos! And for one year, and one year only, we have all three kids in the same school! Yeah!

Hello to 5th, 3rd and Transitional Kindergarten (TK)

Here are some photos from the drop off.


The boys were off and running when we got to school! They don’t need Mom & Dad to walk them to the playground to line up!
IMG_8114Little Miss Z, well this was her first day at the big school! She did awesome! She wasn’t nervous at all. She has been waiting for this day! To finally go to the big school with her brothers!


I did sneak over to the big kid playground and got a  photo of my two clowns…the boys then told me to get lost. HA! IMG_8129IMG_8135

Zooey waited patiently for the bell to ring and her teacher to lead them in for the first day.IMG_8159When your last name starts with “B” you get to be in front of the line. Which was very exciting to Zooey!IMG_8162

And off she went to be a big girl.IMG_8173


I only teared up a little.


One last final peek at the boys who were making their way into the school. Owen at least looked my way. Ethan just kept walking… And I took his photo anyway. Oh 5th graders. So funny.


Reports from all three that the first day was a good day! I didn’t expect anything less. And another one down in the books.

1st Day of School 2015.

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Introducing Mimi the Wonder Dog

I will start this post out saying that I miss my Sugar dog so very very much.  After her death, our house felt incredibly quiet and empty – which says a lot considering how many people live in this house. I miss her everyday. I wish I would have been there when she passed away. I think about her final moments, and if I would have known it would have ended the way it did, I would have done it very differently.

It didn’t take long after Sugar’s passing that I started looking at puppies. Actually I started looking at puppies about a year ago. I was thinking maybe we should get a puppy before Sugar left us.  I however, was the only one thinking that this would be a good idea.

So when Sugar passed away I  really started looking for a puppy – to soon? I don’t know, I just know my heart hurt and looking at new puppies helped.  Sugar was a rescue puppy and I really wanted to adopt another rescue pup. I started browsing both local and area shelters and petfinder.com. I filled out several adoption applications. On Friday I found the cutest puppy and she was only 2 hours away. I sent in my application followed by an email. I heard from the shelter the very next day. We chatted a bit by text, a phone call – trying to find a time that we could go meet this puppy. I was hoping it was going to work out, but due to schedules I wasn’t sure a meet and greet was going to happen. On Sunday afternoon I got a call that schedules had changed and we were able to go meet this puppy I had found online. So I loaded the entire family in the car and drove 2 hours to meet Meme.

It only took me two seconds after seeing Meme that I knew she was coming home with us.  And luckily my family agreed.Meet the newest family member.. MiMi

We drove back home…2 hours. We got to know her more in the car. We decided to change the spelling of her name from Meme to Mimi. She was ours.Prepare for many puppy pics #Mimidog#MimidogMaking herself at home #MimidogI think she is going to like it here #MimidogI slept in my crate all night and didn't cry once #MimidogWe don’t know much about Mimi. We are told that she is a terrier mix and she is about 3 months old. She originally was from the Pine Ridge Reservation where there is an over abundance of dogs. An animal rescue organization is in the process of saving as many dogs as possible from the reservation, and it turns out that Mimi is one of the rescued dogs.

The last few days have been about getting to know Mimi, and her getting to know us. I was taking care of a senior dog, and now we are in puppy territory!! And while we are still in the first few days of Mimi joining our family – we love her so.

Mimi the Wonder Dog. Welcome to our family. IMG_7026-2IMG_7037-2&nbspIMG_7060IMG_7076IMG_7087IMG_7132

And while Mimi can't replace our Sugar dog, she is exactly what we needed.    Yes we rescued this puppy,  but really she rescued us.

 We can't wait for all the crazy adventures you have in store for us Mimi the Wonder Dog. It's going to be great.

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On Her 5th Birthday

On her 5th Birthday…..

She woke up very early to enjoy a birthday donut…she may or may not have had on her PJs.


On her 5th Birthday she got a Baby Alive Doll. IMG_6388-2

On her 5th Birthday I dropped her off at Grandma and Papa’s to spend the day having fun.Dropping off the birthday girl for a day of fun with grandma and papa! #missz #andme


On her 5th Birthday we all went to dinner at Red Robin.Birthday dinner craziness!Zooey not cooperating fir the camera because she is too excited to be 5!Zooey and her Papa on her 5th birthday! #missz @rcoacher

On her 5th Birthday she opened more gifts after dinner. Including a Lalaloospy Doll, a Monster High Doll, Elsa and Anna dolls and a Frozen umbrella


On her 5th Birthday she blew out her candles on her Frozen cake with unwanted help from her brother, Owen.IMG_6476IMG_6477


A few days after her 5th birthday she had a party with her friends and brothers at Play-all-Day.IMG_6495IMG_6500IMG_6506IMG_6529IMG_6530IMG_6534IMG_6564IMG_6566IMG_6574IMG_6577IMG_6582IMG_6584IMG_6593IMG_6617


On her 5th Birthday we celebrated her and the little girl she has become.

Happy Birthday ZoZo, we love you!  We can’t wait to see what you will do this year!

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8.3.15 | Hello Monday

So what have we been doing you might be asking…or maybe you didn’t notice I haven’t been around??? Wait! Don’t tell me….

Most of July was good – full but good.  Some of it has been not so great.  And some of it terrible.  And although I’ve been a very bad blogger and an even worse project lifer – please know that I am still documenting and taking photos – I just hadn’t shared them all yet.

So stuff of the everyday.

Owen shopping for his birthday present. July marks the beginning of Birthday season around here. From now until mid September there will be a lot of cake eating.

Shopping for his bday! Only one week away! #almostnine #owenchristoperThis is when I told Owen that amazon prime offers free shipping. His excitement when I told him that Amazon prime ships for free! #owenchristoper

I feel the same way, buddy.

Miss Z had tumbling on Wednesday night’s in July. She loved it!Summer tumbling! #misszThe tumblers! #missz #andfriend @rubelh

Getting in as much pool time as possible.Had to take a break from that to-do list and soak in some sunshine. Handstand by Ethan #myethanMiss Z doesn’t use a floaty anymore. At all. Turns out that she is part fish!She swims without her floaty now! #misszShe got all the diving rings - no help! #misszHis birthday is on Tuesday! He is way excited! #owenchristoperUs Girls! #missz #andme  Hillside snacks by the pool #bostinelostrioChilling out eating a twin bing. No big thing... #myethan #summer2015She wanted a candy bar. It melted as she ate it. #misszI took a break from editing photos and painting trim in the basement to take my crazy trio to the pool on this very very very hot hot day. #missz #summer2015Dimitri has been camping since Thursday. It's been a great productive and fun weekend with the kiddos. But I am ready for him to come home now! #summer2015So I guess they do this now #missz @lisaannpetersonLast day to be 8! #owenchristoperFloating away!Boys swimEthan is still trying to learn how to dive #myethanBoom! Off the board no floatie. Zooey's summer goal accomplished!

Untitled   Lots and lots of visitors this month! My good friend from High School has been in town all month! She is a good pool buddy! Miss Mike has been keeping me company. We have both been working hard at home and enjoy our pool breaks! #summer2015Love it when Instagram friends come in to town to visit also! Love meeting up with @jessbrees12 !!And my sister with my nieces and nephew in town! Aunt Nancy in town! @ncoacherOwen's Birthday Dinner is getting CRA-ZY! #owenchristoperSister selfie! @ncoacher Little visitors: Dress up with Zooey and Grace! #missz #andfriendZooey and Grace - morning snuggles and Netflix Untitled
Class reunion fun

More long time friends in town….too many to count, but I was feeling the love. Lunch with @ksdelos before she hits the road !UntitledUntitledUntitled Untitled        


The kids wrapped up their summer program and spending lots of time with Grandma and Grandpa. Here Ethan is trying to teach Grandma how to play something on his tablet.Ethan teaching grandma about games in his tablet #myethanCatching fireflies Catching fireflies #missz #myethan #summer2015No one told Zooey about the heat advisory!!Zooey didn't get the memo about the heat advisory today. 😂 #missz #summer2015  This is how they entertain themselves.Fun with the water table. #bostinelostrioJust becauseDreamy. #pappouphotobombTurtles ride for free #myethan #allyturtle Untitled   UntitledUntitled


The basement got finished!!OMG! our toy room hasn't been this clean in 2 years since we started the great basement gut project!! It needs artwork and some finishing touches but it's finally functioning!And the basement bathroom is done!!More of basement bathroom!More of basement bathroom!      Even my co-workers couldn’t escape my camera during the month of July!:Happy Planners!   Checking out downtown Lincoln with @kelleevb the Pirate planner . Thanks for the smiles I needed them !This one is for @kathapfaff ! @kelleevbAfter crying a lot today, thankful to co-workers that can make me smile . @weaverfamily99Owen celebrated his 9th Birthday! We celebrated 3 times! Once with donuts. Once with his family and once with his friends who I let stay over night! Eeek! Happy 9th Birthday Owen!!! #owenchristoperCake decorations by Owen! 10 little boys about to invade my house overnight!! #owenchristopherOutside movie - I have them all sitting still and quiet!We survived!!  IMG_4933IMG_4937IMG_4962IMG_4972IMG_4976IMG_4989IMG_4993IMG_5012IMG_5016IMG_5043IMG_5058IMG_5062IMG_5086IMG_5101IMG_5107IMG_5118

Zooey enjoyed some friend time without her brothers! Miss Z and Miss C having a relaxing girls night! I think @mark3505 got the better deal!More birthday party fun! Zooey got invited to a party! #missz #andfriendsMy 20th High School Reunion! Which included a selfie stick and funny costumes and most hilarious game of musical chairs I’ve ever seen.We had a selfie stick and things got crazy! #nhs95 Untitled Class reunion funClass reunion funClass reunion funClass reunion funClass reunion funClass reunion funClass reunion funClass reunion funClass reunion funClass reunion funClass reunion funClass reunion funClass reunion funClass reunion funClass reunion funClass reunion funClass reunion funClass reunion funClass reunion funClass reunion funClass reunion funClass reunion funClass reunion funClass reunion funClass reunion funClass reunion fun  We celebrated Dimitri’s Birthday!! Ready for birthday dinner!  @dimitri_bostinelosHibachi!!!Taking these three out can be an adventure too! 😳Happy Birthday Dimitri!!! @dimitri_bostinelos Untitled  



My parents and I took the kids to the zoo. It was very hot! I always pick the hottest day to go to the zoo! Zoo photos from my iPhone: The Zoo crew Zoo day!Zoo day!Looking up . #zooday#zooday #bostinelostrio#zooday#zoodaySkyfari!!! #zoodayWe take this photo every trip to the Zoo. Mandatory photo op. #owenchristopher #zoodayAlthough I think Owen needs some Gorilla face-making tips from Papa! @rcoacher practicing his gorilla face #zoodayZoo photos from my Canon 60D IMG_6240IMG_6242IMG_6244IMG_6258IMG_6259IMG_6265IMG_6270IMG_6279IMG_6286IMG_6295IMG_6310IMG_6313IMG_6317IMG_6328IMG_6334IMG_6339IMG_6349IMG_6353IMG_6355


We saw Christina Perri and Colbi Caillat at the Hard Rock Untitled  Date night! Excited to see colbie Caillat and Christina Perri @hardrockhotelsc !One without the super bright sun! Waiting for Colbie Caillat to take the stage! @hardrockhotelsc We purchased a new to us pop-up camper.  Unfortunately even after much inspection and making sure it worked – when we got ready to take it out camping…one corner was not popping up. So now we have an appointment to get it fixed at a local dealer. So we bought a pop- up camper and planning on some fun family adventures 😳I’ve been pinning ideas to redecorate the inside! Our camper is going to need a make-over. Don't worry I have been pinning 😳Lucy the cat wouldn’t let Dimitri up.Animals and kids love him. He lays down and it only takes a few minutes to have a kid or pet on top of him @dimitri_bostinelosThe sun set in a amazing ways.One amazing sky coming right up. #nofilter   The hard drive of my Mac died. Luckily I have an amazing IT husband who is always encouraging me to back up my photos – so nothing was lost.  And my computer was under warranty and is now fixed.  Have I told you it's been a rough week or 2. The hard drive on my computer died. Thank goodness for @dimitri_bostinelos who is always encouraging me to back up photos, my client photos are safe. The computer fixed under warranty. I now have a lot of photo
I went grocery shopping with Owen – getting ready for his birthday party. Shopping with O-dog tonight. We are having 7 little boys sleep over tomorrow night . Late b-day party! #owenchristopherI found the best ice cream ever.@rcoacher is right! this is awesome! #thetonightdough #ben&jerrys


And if you hadn’t heard the news via social media…our sweet Sugar passed away on July 27. Of course we knew that her time was limited. But we just had her into the vet on July 19. The vet talked to us about when will be the time to say goodbye. And as long as she was eating and going outside and doing her normal dog things, we were probably OK for a bit. We had a normal hectic Monday morning of trying to get out of the house. The kids had a field trip that day, and I was leaving to go out-of-town for work. Sugar did her normal morning routine, and we didn’t notice anything different. However, my mom and kids discovered Sugar had passed away while we were gone for the day. To say the least we were in shock to lose her this way. She was a big part of our family and a big part of our hearts. This past week has been about healing. I keep expecting her to be around at home. And it just feels empty. Like something is missing. Here are the last few photos of her from this monthOh Sugar dog! A year ago I thought we were going to lose her, but she proved us wrong. A vet appointment recently told us she has a growth in her lower eye lid that we can't remove with operating which might not be good for a 13 year old dog. The vet saidI don't think Sugar is feeling well 😢UntitledUntitledSugar getting love from Michael Ann #sugardog Untitled

I’ve cried a lot in the last week. It’s been rough. On all of us. Heavy heart today. Wishing I was at home. 😢Sugar was our puppy for 13 years.  Last year I wrote a post all about her story with us. #tbt 7.26.02

The day after her passing, I snapped this photo of a cool cloud. Crazy cloud last night!

At first I just thought it was a cloud, but my friend Heather pointed out that the cloud looked like Sugar. The glowing part of the cloud was her snout pointing up to the sky. I think she is right – it was Sugar telling me that she was OK – running around in dog heaven causing trouble most likely.

And that my friends was July 2015.

Hopefully I will do a better job about keeping up in August. Thanks for reading! Come back soon. :)

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8.2.15 | Hello, anyone out there?

Hello Friends – sorry for the long absence.  July is always a busy one…this one started out with a bang. Hello – 4th of July. And ended in tears as we said a final goodbye to our Sugar Dog.  Right now I am sifting through all the photos and trying to make some sense of how crazy it has been.   Please stay tuned and I will be back with all the adventures, stories, photos and some tears.


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7.7.15 | The Peak of Summer

4th of July as the peak of the summer season in my book.  And seriously, the 4th is one of my favorite holidays! Right up there with Halloween and New Year’s. Always lots of people back in town to reconnect with, lots of food, lots of sun, lots of music…lots of memories.

Here is on at the big parade last week (photo bomb by Yia Yia)
Photo bombed by Yia Yia ! #paradetime #summer2015

No I didn’t cut my hair – it was pulled back. The humidity!! Not good for a curly girl who decided to go for straight hair that day – when will I learn! (fists up in frustration)Parade time us. @dimitri_bostinelos #us #summer2015We live parades ! #summer2015 #missz #andmeIMG_3937


Waiting for the parade to start – the kids were getting antsy and bored.



Finally it starts!


Ethan excited because he caught a football!

Owen and Zooey got lots of beads!

After the parade, the crew was hungry so we went to IHOP.
Waiting for a table . After the parade hunger has hitIMG_4040IMG_4045

This is the life. We spent two wonderful days by the pool. Great Friday afternoonSometimes they get along. #summer2015 #owenchristoper #misszYeah for the 4th of July! #bostinelostrioZooey with her Papa and Pappou #misszUSA! #missz #summer2015Happy 4th! #us #summer2015If you need us this weekend - we will be at the pool working on our tans!She does it now - no fear. #misszEthan is working on his dive #myethanThis is summer #missz

Several of my best friends from High School were in town for the weekend. I love catching up with them. They are the type of friends that no mater the distance or the time, we pick right back up from where we left off. These are the friends for life. Oh sure we have had our arguments and such over time but we always come back together. I imagine we will still be getting together when we are 80 years old.  Hopefully by the pool with cold drinks in our wrinkly hands.Back together again!Love it when my friends are in town!@sarahlkolbe we need you!I had fun hanging out with girl at Saturday in the Park! @sarahlkolbe

There was also this little thing called Saturday in the Park on the 4th of July. We went to see the last two acts (Foster the People and Arthea Franklin) and to catch the fireworks. Just us and 30,000 other people, a giant snow cone and a funnel cake. P-nut and ZoZo playing with their mommy's purses on the 4th of July! @sarahlkolbeMom and Dad and exhausted Owen at Saturday in the Park! #sitpfest @rcoacher


Owen was exhausted from the pool – so he was resting.

The 4th of July is exhausting! #sitpfestWe really should take more cute selfies 😳 . #sitpfest


Snow cone as big as my head!


I would like one snow cone as big as my head please! #sitpfest


Silly girls and good dads.

Look at these great Cyclone Dads!It's a mini @sarahlkolbe and a mini me! Sarah I feel like you've giving me this same look before!

In other random photos not relating to the 4th of July….

We are still working on the basement! Ugh! Last room to paint – the guest room/office. Also known as the room we been shoving everything into as we worked on the rest of the basement. We are staying out of the sun today and working in the basement. The never ending project .

Urban love. From the sky walk. From the skywalk

I may have put a little red in my hair for fun.Red highlights. Yes, please!

Friends that sleepover are the best.Sleep over! @lisaannpeterson

There you have it. And while the 4th is the peak of summer…there is a lot more left and I plan on soaking it all in.

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6.30.15 | Dirty Feet, Messy Hair….

Should I keep up my rambling theme about how I love all things summer.  Because it’s true. Here is the photographic evidence:

Ally the turtle loves summer also. She likes it when Ethan takes her out on her daily walks in the warm summer grass.Walking Ally the turtle #myethan #allyturtle

Summer movie, yes please! This movie was so cute – you should go see it!Inside Out! Very good! 👍👍 Ethan declined to pose for this pic. He is nearly 11 and gets embarrassed by his Mom 😳

Although sometimes the summer blues do hit…for me this happens when I realize that summer is coming to an end. But for Owen, he gets the summer blues when he exhausts himself with all his summer activities that finally he just hits a wall and melt downs.From yesterday. He was all sorts of dramatic about everything! #owenchristoper #latergram

Summer feet, summer dog. Actually – Sugar prefers the A/C and the cool kitchen floor. With all the fur I really don’t blame her.She wants in for a treat #sugardog

Summer’s best…the lake.  love, love, love the lake.Hello Lake Okoboji - I missed you . #summer2015Be prepared for lots of lake picsTake me to the lake #summer2015And this is when I realized swim suits would have been good on our walk. #summer2015A little beach time #summer2015Cooling off!
One from yesterday! The kids are exhausted and we are unpacking the car! #summer2015 #arnoldspark #partyof5 #latergramIMG_2512IMG_2521IMG_2523IMG_2629IMG_2633IMG_2643IMG_2649

Summer is about being outside…eating breakfast made over a campfire.

Summer memories at the amusement park. Like riding the roller coaster with Owen at least 4 times. Zooey wanting to go on all the twirly rides with Owen and I. Ethan only wanting to ride on the swings.  Dimitri stealing a kiss on the ferris wheel.  Leaving the park when it got too hot and the lines got long, only to come back later that night when it was cooler and the lines were short. Ending our adventure at 10 pm with ice cream – because we can. Owen and I ready to ride the Legend! #summer2015 #arnoldspark #woodencosterSilliness in the mirrors #myethanOn the Ferris wheel! #myboys #summer2015 #arnoldsparkOn top of the Ferris wheel #us #summer2015 #arnoldspark #latergramAll three . Ferris wheel. #summer2015 #arnoldspark #latergram❤️❤️ #summer2015 #latergram #arnoldsparkEthan on the swings! #myethan #latergram #arnoldspark #summer2015IMG_2526IMG_2532IMG_2535IMG_2538IMG_2548IMG_2551IMG_2562IMG_2577IMG_2581IMG_2595IMG_2600IMG_2604IMG_2623IMG_2681IMG_2687IMG_2694IMG_2698IMG_2704IMG_2712IMG_2707IMG_2720IMG_2722IMG_2744
Summer love at the pool.
❤️ summer #summer2015Miss Z loves to swim #summer2015Jump! #missz

Summer is about making new friends – even furry ones.
@dimitri_bostinelos made a new friend

Summer crash because you’ve had too much fun. Sign of a busy day. Crash! #missz #latergram #summer2015

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6.21.15 | Soaking Up Summer

Summer. Summer. Summer – we are busy soaking it in!

Have I mentioned that I love summer?

So this year we aren’t going on a big family trip – after our trip to Aruba in February. We decided to stay close to home this summer. At first I was kinda bummed about it, but we are having fun finding things to do in our neck of the woods! We are trying to get in little weekend trips, and we are having a blast. Here are some pics of what we’ve been up to:

The kid’s did start their summer program this past week..they come home exhausted each night. I am taking that as a good thing.  On Monday I found all of them like this:

From last night. Monday was exhausting #latergram

Apparently last week they found it fun to put themselves in piles all over the house…sorry blurry iPhone photo.Pile o' children #someoneisgoingtocry

Pappou winding the kids up right before bed:

Pappou is winding them up!

Zooey and I watering the flowers…the floating torso is Dimitri. HA! He was inside taking a photo of us – that’s his reflection in the glassWatering the flowers #missz

You know she is styling in the pool! We’ve made a point to make it to the pool after dinner at least one evening during the work week. Even in the pool she is styling! #missz

Um – no words here. HA!! This is just weird #myethan

Cute Owen and I caught Ethan in a sneeze in the background. Owen - dog with Ethan sneezing in the back #owenchristoper #bostinelosbros

Actually – now that I think about it, last week was kinda rough. Not going to lie. We started the week very tired after our crazy weekend of Greek Fest and bike rides and a concert on Sunday night. We started Monday exhausted. And then I had lots of early mornings (like out of the door by 6:30 am a type of mornings all week). I only got in 2 work outs – which bummed me out, because I am still out there moving and making progress. And then..my computer was being super slow and I just had no patience for technology. So this photo was taken on Thursday night, I was still in my workout gear. I had to step away from my computer, outside to water the flowers and breath. Breathing is good. Sleeping is also good. Oh this week.... Started it off so tired. Lots of work including several super early mornings out the door. Only worked out twice this week! And I am super frustrated with all things technology tonight! I think it's time to unplug!

Lots of time outside tending to the flowers these days. I like that.Let them grow!

Once the weekend rolled around we were ready to get back out there.  Bucket or hat??Bucket head #missz

On Saturday we got the heck out of dodge and drove up to the Gavin’s Point Damn area in Yankton, SD. Time by the water is exactly what I needed.
Happy place

We hadn’t been camping as a family for several years now. Our last experience didn’t turn out so well. But the kids are older and so we decided to try it again.
Home sweet tent #camping #summer2015

The kid’s did great. They like camping and the water as much as we do. Here is Ethan pretending to be some type of beached animal.Beached #myethan

Sand castles – always good for the soul.Sandy and Happy #misszIMG_2431

Watching little boys try to walk around in flippers on the sand – too funny!O-Dog

Ethan looking so tall these days.Tall and lean #myethan

They convinced people at the lake to let them on their huge raft thing.

After some time in the water, back to the campground. My favorite beer, in my favorite tie-dye dress, by the fire. Hello this is summer!Hello! Favorite beer. Fire side. #summer2015

I didn’t get to sit there long..somebody wanted to be pushed on the swings:

And how could I say no to her – so cute…and that summer sun. Picture perfect.

Life really is good. (find the shirt here: Life is good Women’s Happy Camper Cool Tee)Happy Camper! #lifeisgood #summer2015

For the love of boats!We need a boat!


Above is an iPhone photo..below is from my DSLR.


We went to check out the marina after dinner.

Dimitri and Ethan decided to look for crayfish near the rocks:

And they found some little ones.

For the love of the awesome summer sky:
Sky #nofilter #summer2015IMG_2397
For the love of them:Party of 5 #summer2015
Being by the water is peaceful to me.
I could live at the lake #summer2015IMG_2349IMG_2353IMG_2368

Ethan and his white socks. HA! This kid entertains me.

Beach baby:
Beach baby #missz #summer2015IMG_2424IMG_2490

Owen of the Lake:Owen of the lake #owenchristoper  #summer2015

Tent sleeping. Can you spy all three of the kids? Can you find the kids?? #summer2015 #tentsleeping

Looking for more water creatures

Beach hugs:

And back home….tired kids! Zoned out waiting for dinner watching cartoon network. Back to a/c and TV. Zoned out

But don’t worry they got a second wind after we filled their tummies.  We made our way to the pool after dinner. The lake and the pool in one day! This is what I call soaking up summer!Friends at the pool are the best! #missz #andfriend #summer2015The lake and the pool in the same day ! This is called soaking up summer! #missz #myethan

And of course today is Father’s Day! So we met up with our favorite Dads!IMG_2500IMG_2504IMG_2510


And that’s been our week!  More summer memories in the book – can’t wait to make even more of them! #summer2015

Have a great week!



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6.15.15 | Summer Lovin’

Is it possible to cram most of my summer bucket list into one week?   The answer is yes. Yes it is possible. Because I think we just did it.

Summer reading: Cold Sassy Tree

Next book club book. Anyone read this before?

My casual style…bike tee, chambray shorts, and Keen Women’s Cortona Ballet FlatJust ride . After work casual. Cute bike shirt. Chambray shorts. Keen flats . #whatiwore

Fuzzy iPhone shot – but the animals out enjoying a summer evening. Summers nights  mean hanging out on our front porch and driveway. Enjoying some fresh air #lucylou #sugardog

Much needed pool time!!  My favorite!Yeah pool time! #summer2015IMG_1680


It wouldn’t be summer without photos of Dimitri throwing the kids in the pool – they LOVE this, begging him to do one more toss!


It took us a long time to convince her to go off the board. She did it last year – but for some reason it was something scary and new again.IMG_1723

She was telling Dimitri where to go to catch her.IMG_1731ÄUs/7iæLhT&~ÉÉÝqGùÑ@y/Ì~`¸Ö,4u[U2Ë$Lì8zed>B¦ú|øòÉönY"%ôºüì²K0W Àøns¥3«E6ì¨Ý¢îÌMçHÖ´ö´æÖAx! 4pÏRÁz<r¸æ¾Äô(ÇVQó#,´RY©Íoë¿)£»/r|Nk5ÇÔ=ÎËE´O½o-£Ë\ï¥ýäcïÌÛûÿ²ÿ×*Óìâ¶xï}8í*-DDHÅÅK(%ýTÍ@³AºÞ¬ml¬$úÜgÆ~ê nð-B 5Ýwa$d-ô/.$&èRhÇ^lM~ÏúØj#$¿Í]¢Á-Ä7x[ceyRëýÌeÇ

This took awhile…

And she jumps!

The boys like to do funny jumps off the board:IMG_1755IMG_1766IMG_1768IMG_1771IMG_1803IMG_1788


These three…they are already getting their summer tan on.




Have I mention that we love the pool.
IMG_1817Everyday should be a pool day #missz #summer2015One, two, three... JUMP! #bostinelosbros #andfriends #summer2015

One last pool picture for this post. But it poses a very important question. Deflated soccer ball or pool helmet? I will let you decide.
Deflated soccer ball or pool helmet? #owenchristoper #summer2015

Sometimes I am so jealous of the cat… summer napping when ever she wants to. (sigh)
And just like that the day is done #goodnight

This past week, Zooey had her last day at her daycare/preschool. She is off and away! Here are photos of her on her first day at 9 weeks old and her last day. Bittersweet for sure.And She is off and away! First day of Building Blocks at 9 weeks old and last day age 4 (almost 5) #missz

Found this one on Dimitri phone from the dance recital night. We were out to dinner after the recital and everyone was being silly. As the photographer I am generally not comfortable on the other side of the lens. I am working on this.  Is it just me…with social media I feel this pressure to look really put together in every photo that goes up online.  But in real life – I am pretty natural, low maintenance  type of gal. Not a fan of photos of myself. But I know it's a hang-up I need to get over. #thisisme

Summer mornings…we were waiting for sunshine that unfortunately never came.Morning! I took the day off work to spend with the kiddos. We are hoping the sun comes out so we can go to the pool. #summer2015

But instead we got donuts with sprinkles, almost as good:9:30 am no sunshine yet. But we have donuts with sprinkles .

I took the kids to a nearby county park with a fishing/swimming pond. The kids wanted to look for frogs. But ended up wading in the water and playing in the sand.It really is not warm enough for this. But they wanted to look for frogs #summer2015

Ethan made a giant hole that he was proud of because he could stick almost his entire arm down it.Ethan is proud of these really deep hole he made #myethan

Sometimes I shoot with my iPhone.Right now. We picked up an extra kid #summer2015

Sometimes I shoot with my Canon EOS 60D . This day was perfect for it. The lack of sunshine actually provided for the best photo taking opportunities.IMG_1880IMG_1910IMG_1922IMG_1937IMG_1943IMG_1954IMG_1955IMG_1960IMG_1964IMG_1969IMG_1979

Greek Fest 2015. Dimitri and I tag-teamed working the bar most of the weekend. Greek Fest going on right now!Just your friendly neighborhood  Greek Fest bartenders . #Greekfest


The kids tried to keep themselves entertained, but ended up running around getting into things with their friends:


Friday night while Dimitri was working Greek Fest I was keeping the kids entertained at the playground across the street from our church.Just me and my kidsIMG_2065IMG_2073IMG_2151IMG_2157IMG_2176IMG_2182IMG_2192IMG_2199IMG_2216IMG_2231IMG_2234IMG_2245IMG_2252

I laughed when I realized my Greek-Irish child wore his Irish shirt to Greek Fest. Way to represent both sides Owen!The one that looks most Greek out of my three is wearing a Irish shirt to Greekfest #irishgreek #funny #owenchristoper

Saturday we tried something new..Today's plan... Tri-state trails tour bike ride , More Greek Fest, reunion planning! #Saturday #summer2015

Our first organized bike ride that we have participated in!Ready to ride!

For the most part it was good! We rode from Iowa into South Dakota and made it about 13 miles of a 25 mile ride.We made it to South Dakota! #tristatetrailstour

But then Dimitri got a flat tire and we had to call for help!And the D's tire blew out 😢 #tristatetrailstour

We have old bikes..and they are mountain bikes that aren’t made for this type of riding. But we had fun! And have a goal to get out on our bikes more – and eventually upgrade to more of a road bike or a hybrid.

Last night we went to an outdoor concert! The last few summers we’ve made a point to go to the Stir Cove to see a show. This year we were excited to see Colin Hay, Violent Femmes, and Barenaked ladies. It wasn’t until the ride to Council Bluffs that I realized that we might be getting a little wet at the concert.  I didn’t pack the ponchos. This has been such a full weekend . We are now on our way to see The Barenaked  Ladies, Violent Femmes, and Colin Hay in concert. #us #summer2015I am pretty sure it's going to rain on us! Colin Hay on stage now!

You might be able to tell from my hair the humidity in the air…a storm was brewing!
Summer check list ... Outside concert at the Stir Cove!

And then as the Barenaked Ladies were playing…it started raining…and the show went on – wet but on. Suddenly the wind picked up and the lighting flashed, the thunder rumbled right over our heads and the sky opened up and sheets of rain came down. They called off the concert and we all made a mad dash…but not without getting soaked. I had a few bags of old clothes that I had been meaning to drop at the Junior League Discovery shop to donate in the back of my car, so we changed in the parking garage. Our clothes were so wet could wring them out. I changed into pretty sun dress and Dimitri a work shirt and his boxers – and that’s how we made the 1.5 hour trip back home (not pictured). HA! That’s a story we will never forget.

Here is a photo of us soaking wet – after we made to shelter in the parking garage.


It's all fun and games until a thunderstorm hits and we are soaked down to our underwear running to the car. I so wanted to hear them play If I had Million Dollars! 😢

And today was the first day of summer school/camp for the kids. Zooey was nervous, Owen was nervous, and Ethan was mad because he thinks kids going into 5th grade should be able to stay home during the summer. (eek!)First day of summer program! Two are nervous , one mad. And it's raining! #summer2015 #Bostinelostrio


Oh I am sure there is more on our summer bucket list…more pool, more s’mores, more bike rides! We also have some camping trips planned, more outdoor concerts, more outdoor movies, and birthday parties… July beings birthday season around here.

Love, love, love summer. It’s the best.

Happy Monday

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Summers Past Favorites | 2011

There is something about the summer that gets my creative juices flowing again. The days are longer, the sun is shining,  there are adventures, warm days, bright colors and lots of smiles. Here is a collection of some of my favorite photos from the summer of 2011:

IMG_9283IMG_0173IMG_0347IMG_0425Love the Light in the evenings these daysIMG_0708IMG_0710IMG_1515IMG_1565IMG_1587IMG_1622IMG_1633IMG_1820IMG_1844IMG_1944IMG_2329IMG_2403IMG_2466IMG_2598IMG_3092framedIMG_3974IMG_4056OneBlack Hills, South DakotaBlack Hills, South DakotaBlack Hills, South DakotaBlack Hills, South DakotaZooey 1st Birthday82711


Thanks for going down memory lane with me! I hope to share more photos of summers past and of course making new summer memories.

Happy Friday!

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