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Making this family of ours was not so simple,  we went through a lot of pain and heartache before our family was complete.

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I recently shared my story at Learn with Jenny Blog. Please check it out here:  Journey to Motherhood.

In addition, here are some posts regarding the partial molar pregnancy, the birth of Ethan and an additional miscarriage.  There was a point where I wondered if I could even have kids, now I have three. My hope is that these stories can help someone who maybe suffering through similar circumstances.

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the story of Ethan part 1
Ethan part 2

The story of Ethan part 3


Ethan part 4 Story of Owen

life sucks



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  2. Mara Kofoed says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your story! Loved reading about your journey.
    xo, Mara

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