Here is the place I try to answer questions that I always seemed to get asked:

Q:  How do you do it all?

I don’t do it all. Not even close.  I get a lot of support from a lot of important people. My dear husband cooks every meal! My parents and my in-laws are always available to watch the kids or help transport them around town. And most recently I have enlisted some help around the house in the cleaning department.  Yes, I don’t do it all.

I actually get asked this question so much – that I attempted to answer the question in this blog post from January 2013.

Q:  How do you find time to blog everyday and always have something to blog about?

I take pictures everyday (almost!) .  Lately I edit/upload pictures at night and blog in the AM before the kiddos wake up.   There is always something to blog about.  Funny things the kids did or said. activities we are doing. Things I like right now. Crafts. Home improvements. Vacations. Heck… I think I have blogged about my lunch before.

Q:  What type of Camera do you use?

I just upgraded to a  Canon 60D  (November 2012).  Prior to that I was shooting with a Canon Rebel XS

Canon 50 mm 1.4. (click on image for more information)


Canon 85 mm 1.8 (click on image for more information)

Tamron 17-50 mm 2.8 (click on image for more information)

Q.  I bought a DSLR and now I have no idea how to use it can you help me?

I can do my best to help you! I learned by reading books, searching the internet and playing with my camera.  I started a series on my blog with photo tips based on my experience. You can check it out here.

Q: Do you edit your pictures?

In February 2011 I started to use Lightroom to edit my photos. Although I try not to do too much editing. My goal is to get the best picture I can straight out of my camera, but Lightroom has definitely helped put a little extra kick in my pictures.

Q:  Do your kids get sick of you taking their pictures?

Yes! My whole family gets sick of me! I notice my kids have days where they would rather not have their picture taken, while other days they are all smiles. The boys also ask me to take pictures of things that they make, or funny things they do.  I hope one day they are happy about all the pictures I took of their childhood.

Q:  Will you take pictures of me and/or my family/kids/baby?

Sure! Visit my photography blog at: http://michellebostinelos.com/photography/

If you would like me to take pictures of you, your kids, your baby…heck even your dog or cat – go through this website and we can get something scheduled!

Q:  Do you still scrapbook?

I took a step back from scrapbooking after Zooey was born.  Many of my layouts can be viewed here.  Right now I am working on a Project Life album. Check out my posts about Project Life here.

Q:  Will you review my product or do a giveaway of my product on your blog?

Maybe. If you email me, I will determine if your product is a good fit.

Here are a couple of Q&A posts you can check out as well… here and here

What other question do you have for me?  Leave a comment and I will try to give you the best answer I can.  :)

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