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Happy Friday!

First, let me thank everyone that left comments and love on my post about Sugar.  It really means so much to me to have so many caring people out there reading my blog!  I  will let you know what happens with Sugar as time goes by here.  It’s not easy, that is for sure.

Secondly,  so much has happened since we got back from vacation.  Zooey’s 4th birthday and her party, the boy’s started school yesterday and our basement remodel is actually moving forward ! So it’s odd, because life keeps chugging away and really good things are happening such as birthdays and starting a new school year, but I have to admit that my heart has been heavy thinking about Sugar. I am not sure I can explain it… of course I am sad that Sugar is sick and we don’t know how much time left with her. But I am also heavy-hearted because it just feels like the end of an era.  Let me try to explain….

I feel as though we are creeping up to this new corner of our lives and I am not sure if I am ready to make the turn and I don’t know what is on the other side.   Over here on this side of things, I know what is going on. I got it figured out.  To me Sugar signifies the beginning and end of an era… it’s the era of a young family.  A young family with a young dog and babies.  It hasn’t  always been easy – but we finally just got it figured out. We were finally getting good at it and now things are changing.  The kid’s are getting older. I no longer have a baby! Our careers are in full swing with more and more responsibility.  And Dimitri and I are getting older! Finding a few grey hairs is common these days on both of us.  When did we become so adult?? And while I know good things are going to be around this next corner, I feel a bit sad that our young family status is expiring.

Perhaps I am not making sense here. I don’t know.

How about a few iphone photos?

I do have lots and lots of photos to share with you since our vacation. I don’t think I have time to share them all now. So maybe just a few, and I will catch-up more soon.

Selfie In my new t-shirt. Lisa has the same shirt. We are cool like that.@lisaannpeterson wearing yours today? #matchingshirts #atthelakelook

I am not ready for summer to be done. I am hoping to get a few more pool days in before it closes.First day after getting back from vacation and at the pool. #lifeisgood #roughlife #mondayisgoingtosuck #notthinkingaboutitPink, cute and sassy. And almost 4 (on Tuesday) #misszFunyun break #owenchristopherI should have been unpacking. I should have been doing laundry. But instead we snuck in a run to the pool. Because summer is almost over and I am soaking it all  in!

Lot’s of photos of Sugar these days. Soaking her in.Sugar spent the week we were in Minnesota with Grandma And Papa soaking up some TLC. She is not 100% better. Not sure if she ever will be again. Just trying to soak in the time we have left with her.  Tonight she managed to grab a paper napkin off the tab

And our basement project is moving forward! We have walls and a ceiling! At some point I will do before and after shots so you can see the progress.  Basement progress!!

We also have a new door going into our garage. Exciting! Now it’s calling me to paint and I really don’t feel like it 🙂 Nothing like a nice new door that reminds you it's time to paint

Ok. I will be back with more photos…photos of Zooey’s birthday and back to school and everything in between.

Happy Friday!
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  1. Heather says:

    Great post mb! I know how you feel about just getting to a place where you think you figured it out then something changes it

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