5.19.14 | Hello Monday

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Hello Monday! Hello to warmer temps. Hello to Mom’s night out. Hello to tantrums and baseball. Hello to spending more time outside than inside….here are some photos I took this weekend and what I am saying Hello to this Monday morning.

Hello to my flowers that sat in freezing or below freezing conditions for three nights last week! I did my best to cover them each night, but I am not sure all are going to make it. My poor flowers - three nights of temps near or below freezing. The small pots I bring in but the big pots and flower box I've been covering a night - hoping they all survive! Where is the warm weather??

Hello to Mom’s Night Out at the theater. We saw The Other Woman and it was really funny.Hello! @lisaannpeterson @rubelh #momsnightout

Hello to my Owen who threw a huge tantrum on Saturday morning, causing us to be 20 minutes late to baseball practice. (sigh)This one.... Too many tantrums lately.  #owenchristopher

Hello to the water table! It might not have been warm enough for water games – but it kept the kids entertained for a while on Saturday afternoon. The water table never gets old! #bostinelostrio

Hello to having friends over for S’mores on Saturday night.Wine and s'moresS'mores stuff

Hello to little boys running around being crazy.

Hello to S’mores:

Hello to sweet little girls:

Hello to fat cat Lucy!Lucy the Cat might need to go on a diet #fatcat

Hello to Ethan giving a little speech on Sunday about the importance of family:
Ethan giving his speech about family at church today #latergram #myethan

Hello to this girl and her Sunday afternoon of nail painting, dressing-up, and riding her trike in the driveway.Another day of nail painting #misszThis is what happens when you have two older brothers. Princess + creeper. #misszZooey found a friend just her size In the neighborhood #letthegamesbegin #girlpower

Hello to Ethan getting his summer buzz cut:Ethan getting his summer buzz cut on #myethan
Hello Monday! What are you saying hello to on this Monday?

In case you wanted to know:



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  1. These all look great, what a fun weekend. I love the photos of smore’s night, and I’m jealous of the water table, my son would love that! x

  2. So charming seeing the photos of what makes the time flow around a family. So sweet!

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