12/6/13 | Well, Hello Friday!


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Hey there! I hope you have had a great week!  Here are some pictures I took a long the way….

Snowball the Elf has been busy around here! Every morning all three of the kids are up out of bed searching around the house to see what Snowball has been up to while they were sleeping.
Snowball on a bike hanging out by some leftover Halloween candy! #elfontheshelf #bostineloschristmas2013 #notverycreativetodayOh Snowball!! #elfontheshelf #bostineloschristmas2013 #igetalltheseideasfrompinterestHanging out with the Mini twins today #snowballtheelf #elfontheshelf #bostineloschristmas2013Hanging out with the Grinch and causing trouble #snowballtheelf #elfontheshelf

I purchased some new pillows this week for our bed. I went with the memory foam… so far I am a big fan! I picked mine up at Walmart.

I bought a new pillow and it's all I've been thinking about all day. Can't wait to try it out! #excitingstuffrighthere

Owen reading
Owen reading #owenchristopher

Our early Christmas present! A new fridge! Not really in the plans to purchase right now. But the old fridge was on its way out. I love it when major appliances break down right before a holiday.
Santa came early

On Wednesday night we lost power for several hours at our house. And its been cold…like 5 degrees (Fahrenheit) cold. So we went to my parents house for dinner and warmth. You can see that Dimitri is thrilled with my picture-taking. HA!

I forgot to posit this before... Wednesday night we had no power for several hours so we went to my parents to stay warm! I love Dimitri's face here. Ha! #latergram
Zooey’s Christmas program for her Daycare was last night! She was so cute! Besides walking into the mic stand on the way on to the stage! She did great! The boys even got a chance to get on stage to sing a little. And at the end Santa came!Waiting for Zooey's program to start #bostineloschristmas2013IMG_2553

IMG_2564 IMG_2581 IMG_2597 IMG_2615IMG_2620IMG_2652IMG_2657IMG_2659

Happy Friday! I hope you have a great weekend!

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2 Responses to 12/6/13 | Well, Hello Friday!

  1. Great pics! I really love the elf in the slinky, that made me chuckle! I’m very jealous of your new fridge, I’ve wanted one like that for years, I don’t know if we’ll ever have the space though! x

  2. Melissa says:

    How absolutely adorable to catch her peeking in line to Santa – aww! I just ordered our Elf and he should be here any day now :) Your pictures are fun!

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