12.9.13 | Hello Monday

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MONDAY!  How many days until Christmas?  Wait, don’t tell me. I still have shopping to do and I don’t need that kind of pressure!   How about some Hello’s instead??

Hello to freezing weather and my car with no gas in it! Filling up in -5 (with -25 windchill) is NOT fun. Don’t try this at home.

It's times like these I wish I would have gotten gas yesterday #holycoldoutbatman

Hello to Snowball causing trouble around this place.
I forgot to share Snowball's antics early today! #latergram #snowballtheelf #elfontheshelfSnowball brought treats! #elfontheshelf #snowballtheelfSay cheese! #snowballtheelf #elfontheshelf


Hello to Miss Z, who was so proud that she can button her PJ top all by herself!
She is proud because she buttoned her pj top all by herself! #missz


Hello to me Hanging out with Santa! I had to thank him for the new fridge!
Thanks for the new fridge Santa!

Hello to my Junior League gals. We had a great Santa Day at our Discover Shop .IMG_5175


Hello to our 3 year-old washing machine that stopped working on Saturday. Hello to frozen pipes!
Trying to figure out why our 3 year old washing machine is not working #feellikecrying #iseverythingbreaking #notcool #seriously

Hello to Dimitri and his crazy love for ISU basketball
Iowa State Basketball is serious business #Dimitri  #isu


Hello to these eyelashes on Miss Z! Crazy long!
These eyelashes #missz

Hello to Owen. He is crazy excited for Christmas!

This kid #owenchristopher


**(I just used the word “crazy” to describe the last three pictures. crazy!)


Hello to snow!! (and to the neighbor kid who came over to play in it!)

Snow! #bostineloschristmas2013IMG_5313IMG_5329IMG_5337 IMG_5339 IMG_5344

Hello to Sugar the dog – she loves the snow!


Hello to Hot Chocolate by the fire.
Hot coco, snow outside, Christmas trees lit, fire burning, have yourself a Merry Little Christmas playing, washing machine running! #goodday #bostineloschristmas2013 IMG_5350 IMG_5352IMG_5353 IMG_5356 IMG_5358


Hello to visiting the old-time Candy Shoppe.  I love everything about this place.IMG_5284IMG_5286IMG_5288IMG_5302IMG_5306IMG_5308


Hello to making cookies with my favorite helper and little boys who come to eat the cookie dough.
IMG_5379 IMG_5385 IMG_5390


Hello to the magic of Christmas. It’s in full-force around here. IMG_5393


Hello to Ethan who was tracking down Lucy the cat hiding under the tree.

Hello to a perfect Sunday!


Hello Monday! What are you saying Hello to this Monday?
In case you wanted to know:




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4 Responses to 12.9.13 | Hello Monday

  1. Melissa says:

    Gosh!!! So much cuteness!! Miss Z is adorable and so is her bedroom colors – aww! Those eyelashes! I’m SO doing Elf taking a picture of the snowmen like that – so cute! Really enjoyed these – they made me smile :)

  2. amy says:

    what a lovely weekend! SO many fun Christmas things packed in!
    I am saying hello to an organizing Monday, need to get my lists made, recipes chosen, and the house a bit more organized! Hope you are having a fabulous Monday!

  3. Tonya Dirk says:

    Oh those eye lashes and that candy store…both amazing!!!

  4. cristi says:

    wow! lots of cute pics! love the elf pic! oh, and the pup seems to really like the snow. miss z is just adorable!

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