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I love my iPhone. It’s true.  It never leaves my side. If I can’t find it I suddenly break out in a panic searching for it.  I might be addicted to the dang thing.  One of the features that I love the most is the camera.  If you are a regular reader around here you will know that I am a picture-taking freak. I take a least one picture every day.  My iPhone has only made this easier and more convenient for me. It’s small and goes with me everywhere. In the right setting and lighting, it can take some awesome photos.  I am a big, big fan of my iPhone camera and it’s going to continue to be a major tool in my storytelling journey.  However, I wouldn’t trade it for my DSLR.

Oh sure my DSLR is BIG and bulky.  I can’t shove it in my pocket.  It’s not so easy to take around with me every place I go. I have a lot to think about when shooting with my DSLR, what lens to use, what settings work, etc.  And then there is getting the pictures off of the memory stick, edit them, upload them…blah, blah,blah. More work – I get that.  But work that is totally worth it to me.

An example of my iPhone vs my DSLR.  This past weekend I shot some pictures around the house as we were decorating for Christmas.  Here is one shot with my iPhone (excuse the lack of pants on Miss Z, this is how she wanted to roll that morning).

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas (pants optional) #bostineloschristmas2013


And then the exact same place (just a few seconds a part) with my DSLR.


Another example…

Cut down and decorated today! Now time to work on the fake tree! #bostineloschristmas2013

Tree Farm 2013

#pictapgo_app #treelove

Tree Farm 2013


I have lots and lots of examples like these, but I will end with three.   So are the iPhone pictures bad?  No!  But they are not as good.    Look at my first example with Zooey by the stockings…a little bit blurry.  But my DSLR got the shot; no blur at all.  Overall you can just tell the quality of the photos is better with the DSLR.  Hands down, no comparison.

So while I love my iPhone camera – and I really do – here are some reasons I am not going to be trading in my DSLR for my iPhone camera any time soon (or really never).

  1.  I love the feeling of that big DSLR in my hand.  I love the control I have with all the settings.  I love the sound of the shutter as I shoot off pictures.  It makes me extremely happy.
  2. I love the quality of my photos!  Have you ever tried to print a iPhone picture bigger than 4×6?  It doesn’t look so great.   I love crisp, clear pictures that I can print BIG if I want to.
  3. I can get the shot.  Soccer games, school concerts, low lighting –  I can get the shot (not saying it doesn’t take practice or skill )  Have you ever tried to shoot with an iPhone at your child’s school concert when its low lighting and you are nowhere close to the stage?  It doesn’t work so well.   This is why I have parents approaching me during events asking if I can also get a picture of their kid with my DSLR – all the time!

So while I do love my iPhone camera and will continue to take many, many pictures with it.   I love my DSLR more.  I love it for its size and the control it gives me, I love the quality of my photos and I love knowing I got the shot.

So for that I say… Don’t quit your day job iPhone camera. My DSLR is here to stay.

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2 Responses to 12.5.13 | Don’t Quit Your Day Job iPhone Camera

  1. Amy Coose says:

    I’m with you, my iPhone will never replace my DSLR. Seeing these pics reminded me how important it is to get it out more.

  2. Keshet Starr says:

    Great post! Love my iphone for convenience, but I wish I pushed myself to use (and bring) my DSLR more!

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