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One of my favorite types of photographs are the ones when no one is looking. When my “subject” doesn’t even know that I am taking a picture of them. With camera in hand (DSLR or camera phone), your instinct might be to tell everyone to look at the camera and say “Cheese”! And sure – you can get some great pictures that way. I am guilty of taking pictures that way. But my favorite photographs are not when I am jumping up and down waving my hands and trying to get everyone to look at the camera. My favorite photographs are when I, as the photographer, sit quietly and observe and then shoot when no one is looking. I especially like to do this with kids. Have you ever sat and just watched a child do their thing? Not posing the child. Not telling them where to sit or to smile big. Just let them be. If they don’t know you are watching with camera in hand even better. I think my kids have just learned to ignore the camera. If you just sit and observe, it won’t take long before they do something that is so sweet, so amazing that you will have your picture. And not only a picture, but a story. Real life captured. My favorite types of pictures.

Here are some recent pictures I took when no one is looking…

IMG_2589 IMG_1723-2 IMG_0467 IMG_0394 IMG_0334 IMG_0425-2IMG_0243IMG_9867IMG_9756IMG_9708IMG_9468 IMG_9447 IMG_9599-2 IMG_3447IMG_3160IMG_2022


Not one cheesy smile. Not one over-posed picture. Just my family doing their thing and me capturing it. It’s as simple as that.

I challenge you, the next time you have your camera in hand (DSLR or camera phone), to NOT say a thing. To NOT ask your subject to look at you. To NOT ask them to say “cheese”. But instead to sit quietly and watch. Observe. Let the story unfold. Let them be them. Don’t interrupt the moment by drawing attention to the camera. But instead capture the moment, exactly the way it is. By doing so you capture real life, real stories, real emotion and most times, better pictures.

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  1. Karrie says:

    These are great pictures and a good reminder for me that it is OK to capture Lucas like this. Chasing after a one year old I have more from the side and behind than from the front.

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