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Photography Tips and Tricks - One of my goals for 2013 is to attempt to answer many of the questions I get asked everyday.  Last week I tried to answer the question “How do you do it all?”. I got a lot of great feedback and comments from that post. I know that so many of you are busy Moms and working women too! Sometimes it’s just good to know that there are other women out there that get it.  I totally get it.

This week I am going to address some of the photography questions I get asked.  But before we dive into a picture, all my camera equipment is listed here and if you are looking for general 101 type of photography tips look at my 10 TIPS for Better Pics Series.

Ok…. so here is a picture I took at a recent photo shoot, straight out of the camera:


Camera Settings:  1/400, f 2.8, ISO 100, 50 mm

To  explain why those settings:

  • ISO : 100  It was a sunny day.  Although we placed this cute guy in the shade so that he wasn’t looking right into the sun and squinting.
  • Aperture: f 2.8 – which seems to be my happy spot (I shoot here a lot). Blurs the background just enough without getting the subject blurry.
  • Shutter Speed: 1/400 – I use my light meter to determine my shutter speed. Right before I shoot I adjust my shutter speed so that arrow in the light meter is in the center.  If I am happy with that shutter speed I click away. If I wasn’t happy with that shutter speed I would either adjust my ISO or my f-stop until I got a shutter speed I was happy with. 1/400 was acceptable to me.   Don’t know what your light meter is? Go here.

And with a little cropping, adding some exposure, black, clarity and vibrance in Lightroom to achieve this:



I would love to help you get better pictures with your DSLR! If you are local, I have started a Photo Coaching one-on-ones sessions under my photography business.  If you are not local – well I have been kicking around the idea of an online type of workshop or coaching, I would love to know if there is any interest (leave me a comment).  But until then, just leave questions for me in the comments section and I will try to answer them in my next photo tip post.

Happy Picture Taking!

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4 Responses to How’d She Do That? | Photography

  1. Emily says:

    I’m happy to have come across your blog! Great tips and photos. Thanks:)

  2. Jessica Brees says:

    I would be interested in coaching and/or mentoring for building the business. I want to go full time with mine one day, because teaching seems to get harder and harder! Love your work!!

  3. Your photo is lovely, I like how his eyes sparkle! I have lots to learn about photography, I usually edit my photos in PicMonkey to try and make them a bit brighter and crisper though! x

  4. Mandi G says:

    That is the cutest little Guy ever! Give kudos to his mom and dad for making such a beautiful happy boy 🙂

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