The Weekend Review



We did not do much this weekend.  We stayed home. We recovered. We watched tv in our pjs.  We wrapped presents. We watched Christmas Vacation. We spent time with family. We baked. We played.

I mentioned in my previous post that Dimitri’s fever reached 104.6 on Friday.  Not sure about you, but that high of a fever freaked me out. So I made him go to the ER. Which probably wasn’t necessary. But seriously, 104.6!!! I didn’t want his brain to melt.

Over protective wife makes husband go to ER with 104.6 fever. Diagnosis viral. Take ibuprofen - Tylenol and pay your $150 copayment and go home. #remindmenottogotoerunlessthereisheavybleedingorbrokenbonesUg!!

After we got his fever down and we tucked him into bed – I looked over to see I had three little mouths to feed. So we went out for a quick bite.

Not a great pic but all 3 . happy to see them today .

Not a great picture of the three… they were waiting for their food and it was getting kinda long.

Saturday the boys went to spend the night at their Grandma and Papa’s. Dimitri and I were supposed to be out-of-town watching a basketball game, but Mr. 104.6 canceled those plans. The boys were so excited about spending the night at Grandma and Papa’s house – that we let them go, while we stayed home. While they were gone I wrapped Christmas gifts.  I had a helper Elf named ZoZo. I discovered if I distracted her with enough cardboard boxes and tubes, I could wrap her own presents right in front of her and she wouldn’t notice.

My little helper

My Saturday night dinner date. She was in the middle of telling me something important.

My dinner date - she was in the middle of a story


The house sure was quiet without those boys around. Almost too quiet. Yup, its official, I like them.

Snowball the Elf (our Elf on the Shelf) was around this weekend too. Although I wonder if he caught Dimitri’s sickness as we found him sleeping on Saturday morning and he didn’t get up all day.

Shhhh.... He is sleeping #elfontheshelf

He must have felt better on Sunday, because he was all smiles.

Smiling is my favorite! #elfontheshelf

On Sunday we baked. Christmas music playing, tree lit, and my little helpers.

We've been baking2nd project while dough chills from first project
IMG_0663 IMG_0691

I notice Ethan is watching me more when I have the camera in hand.


What is this about? I don’t know. 8-year-old attitude.


I finished up while the boys decided to play a bit outside. Dimitri and Zooey were curled up on the couch watching Rudolf. The fireplace was on and the Christmas music was playing while I worked. It was a good day, yesterday. Feeling thankful for my family.

The boys came in to watch some Netflix. And act like brothers. (warning: blurry picture below. I think I was telling them to be nice at the same time I was trying to take a picture).

I found Zooey in her room playing with Mr. Potato Head.


And that was our weekend.


4 more days of school left until Christmas break for the boys! The final countdown to Christmas has begun! Stop back tomorrow to see my Week 49 of my Project Life/December Daily.

Happy Monday!

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6 Responses to The Weekend Review

  1. Merrick says:

    What a lot of fun photos to share!

  2. Jessica Brees says:

    I like the Angry Bird on the counter helping bake too!!
    I hope D is feeling better after his crazy fever!

  3. juliee says:

    Hope everyone is getting healthy and that you have a happy Christmas.

  4. MargieH says:

    Great pictures and sounds like you got a TON done while the boys are away – lol! Hope the hubby is feeling better. Happy Holidays 🙂

  5. laurab says:

    these are awesome pics. So glad your husband is ok. Loved seeing your kids help you bake.

  6. Fleur Smith says:

    Looks like a great weekend except for the sickness, hope he fells better son

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