Bits and Pieces | Christmas

Push play on the video below. But don’t watch the video. Just listen to the music as you scroll through the pictures.

IMG_0497 IMG_0498
IMG_0504 IMG_0507 IMG_0509IMG_0515 IMG_0521 IMG_0530IMG_0531IMG_0534IMG_0535IMG_0544IMG_0548IMG_0551IMG_0555 IMG_0559 IMG_0564IMG_0570 IMG_0573 IMG_0579IMG_0584 IMG_0590 IMG_0596 IMG_0604 IMG_0610 IMG_0621 IMG_0630 IMG_0635 IMG_0637

Just bits and pieces of how our home is decorated for Christmas. A few items from my childhood (those funny elves and the tree made out of jewelry). Bottle brush trees – I need to pick up more of these! Wreaths.  Bowls and baskets or ornaments. Special ornaments  Collections. Red. And a little in each room.

Love this time of year.

Happy Thursday!

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7 Responses to Bits and Pieces | Christmas

  1. Claire T says:

    Wow so many lovely decorations. I am a big fan of those little trees too.

  2. madeline says:

    Beautiful photos. What a festive home you have!

  3. Lisa Swift says:

    Beautiful decor! I have that same red berry wreath. Love it all!

  4. juliee says:

    What beautiful decorations.

  5. Fleur Smith says:

    Lovely decorations 🙂

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