10.31.14 | Happy Friday

I’ve had a bad week. Started on Monday and just kept getting progressively worse. Total bummer. But today… Today is Halloween and there will be lots of smiles, and candy and fun.  There may be a tantrum, a sugar crash and tears – from me, not the kids – but I am sure I will be fine.

So anyway – I am pulling up my bootstraps, slapping a smile on my face going to enjoy the weekend.  I am going to say hello to November with open arms.  I am going to focus on what I do well. I am going to be more present for my family. I am going to smile more and worry less. And enjoy this special time of year.  Yup, that’s the plan.

A few photos this week via my iPhone.

An amazing sunset:Goodbye to this crappy day. At least you went out in style . #nofilter

Dimitri was in to get his stomach scoped on Tuesday to try to figure out all his stomach issues this past month. Good news it is nothing serious. Bad news is that we haven’t really figured out what is causing it. Waiting for D. He got his stomach scoped today. Hopefully some answers to all these stomach issues coming soon.

He was really funny after coming out of the procedure. He told me that he was dead and I should take his photo. Which maybe doesn’t seem that funny – but it was. Because clearly – not dead and I love his dead face with his tongue sticking out.
I guess I have to find a new husband. This one is broken. @dimitri_bostinelos

I was out-of-town for 2 days this week at the University of Iowa (go Hawks!), meeting with some students on a project for my job. I even got to check out my old stomping grounds.  I keep ending up here....

Dimitri’s office had their Halloween party yesterday. I was having a rough day. He cheered me up by sending me a selfie in his grumpy bear costume. Awesomeness.I love my grumpy bear @dimitri_bostinelos

Zooey’s dance class had costume night yesterday too!Costume night at dance!  #missz

Although I spent most of dance (Ok all of it) freaking out because my camera display function wasn’t working.
Camera people help!!  My canon 60D display menu looks like this and I can't get the entire display to show. #freakingout #nothappy #imightstartcrying

Turns out my mode dial was stuck between two settings and the camera freaked out a little – much like it’s owner! All is good. I love my camera. It is not allowed to break.

So today…Halloween parties and trick-or-treating and I need to figure out how to make time for a cocktail.

Happy Friday. Happy Halloween!

In case you wanted to know:


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Pumpkin Carving 2014

Tomorrow is Halloween!! We are ready to go – we have our costumes, candy to pass out to the trick-or-treaters and this week we carved our pumpkins! This is a big family affair for us with all the grandparents joining in and helping out – our yearly tradition. Uncle Tony, all the way from Colorado, was able to join us this year too! And this year Ethan and Owen carved their own pumpkins for the first time! Here are some photos I took of all the fun:


















Halloween…bring it on! We are ready to go!

Happy Thursday!

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10.29.14 | October Birchbox



Joure Matte Moisture Tint This is a great moisturizer with a touch of tint to it.  It is very light weight and goes on smooth. I’ve used this all week instead of my foundation and my face just feels so much better! It gives a healthy glow without feeling like I have make-up caked all over my face. Loving this product.

Ojon rare blend oil Total Hair therapy:  I have dry curly hair so I was excited to try out this product. I applied to my hair while wet and let air dry.  The product left my hair feeling very soft and shiny without weighing down my curls. And no frizz! I also tried it while my hair was dry to help calm the frizz I get right around my face – worked great!

Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator:  After using this product my face felt very clean and soft. It goes on like sandpaper and I was a little worried at first if my skin would be red or blotch after using – but it didn’t. My skin did feel brighter and softer afterwards!

Ellovi Vanilla Butter :  The best product in my October box. I love this stuff. The directions state that you can use the vanilla butter all over your body concentrating on dry areas.  I have used it on my lips the most and it is wonderful! But also works great on dry hands, elbows and knees!

ModelCo Power Lash Long Wear Black Mascara:   I use mascara everyday. My eyelashes are long but very light in color – so mascara is a must for me! I do like this mascara – it goes on very nice, not clumpy, it made my eyelashes dark and noticeable!  Also it was easy to remove at night before bed.

So that was my October Birchbox! So much fun to try new products!  If you want to try Birchbox please feel free to use my referral link and then tell me what you think!

Happy Wednesday!

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10.27.14 | Hello Monday

Someone has a cavity #misszDaddy's office assistant #misszEthan's movie request for tonight❤️❤️At the Upper Midwest Planning Conference!SIMPCO/Sioux City Planners take over Mason City! #siouxcity #simpco #masoncity #simpcocogThe Sioux Crew takes Mason City! We can't wait for the planning conference in Sioux City 2015!! #simpco #simpcocog #siouxcity #iaapa #masoncityExtremely tired but home with my crazies #goodtobehome #tgifSaturday #bostinelostrioStill working on putting the basement back together ... I got a new sign for the wall!Musical chairs!Charlotte opening a gift from Zooey @lisaannpetersonLots of birthday parties these days! #misszThanks @rcoacher for getting these shelves from the Kansas City IKEA store!! They look great in our remodeled basement! Now time to fill them up!!Hers and Hers #catanddog #littleandbig #lucylou #sugarthedogLet the pumpkin carving begin!Ethan's first year carving all on his own #myethanAll done!! #spookyFive Bostinelos Boys sitting on a couchReady to celebrate this week! #spooky #notreally #trickortreat #smellmyfeet


  1.  Zooey has 3 cavities! Not sure how that happened. But last week she got one filled…2 more to go.
  2. After the dentist she was off to Dimitri’s office to be his assistant for the afternoon.
  3. Lots of Halloween movies around here. Ethan requested Little Shop of Horrors.
  4. Cuddles are good
  5. - 8. A work conference trip last week. It’s always fun to see new places and spend time with co-workers/colleagues.

9.  But even better to be at home.

10. Saturday morning building

11.  New artwork for the basement

12.   – 14.  Charlotte’s birthday party

15. New Ikea shelves for the basement

16. Hers and Hers

17. – 19.  Pumpkin carving!

20. Five Bostinelos Boys sitting on the couch.  Uncle Tony in town for the night.

21. spooky. Ready for trick-or-treaters later this week!

In case you wanted to know:


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Stitch Fix #7

I received my seventh stitch fix this week!

If you haven’t heard….

Stitch Fix is a personal styling service that sends you a package of clothes and accessories to try on at home. You keep what you like and send the rest back! All you have to do is sign-up on their website, fill out your style profile, and schedule your fix! The cost for each fix is $20, however that $20 then goes towards your purchase. If you keep everything in your box you get 25% off the entire order! You have three days to decide what you want to keep – anything you don’t keep can be sent back in a pre-paid envelope.

This is what I got:

Item 1: Octavia| Sandra Abstract Print Infinity Scarf $34

Item 2: RD Style | Calandra Side Button Hooded Poncho $68
Stitch Fix #7

I asked specifically for a plaid scarf and a sweater poncho and my stylist delivered!  I have been living in the poncho since I got the thing. I feel a bit disappointed that it has warmed back up this week and I have had to take it off! -As for the scarf – also love. It is very fuzzy and warm. These will be two staples in my wardrobe this fall and winter! KEPT!

Item 3 | Papermoon | Kasidy Abstract Print Swing Skirt $58
Stitch Fix #7

I wasn’t sure of this skirt when opening my fix. It isn’t something I would normally gravitate towards. But I decided to give it a shot – and I am liking it! I wore it to work today – so comfy! And lots of compliments. KEPT!

Item #4 | THML | Izzie Striped Fit and Flare Dress $64Stitch Fix #7

If you know me at all you know I kept the dress.  Striped. Fit and Flare. 100% me. KEPT!

Item 5 | Olive & Oak | Tania Plaid Cotton Button-Up Top $64Stitch Fix #7

My closet is lacking button-down shirts for some reason. I was so excited to get this one in my fix! And I love the plaid! It’s nothing like I have in my closet right now – and I love that! Mixing things up. Trying something new. I imagine layering it under sweaters this winter – or even pairing it with a pencil skirt.  KEPT.

That’s right. I kept the whole box!  My second home run since I started doing Stitch Fix!  I am thrilled! My next box is scheduled for December. Can’t wait!

You can see my past fixes here.

Do you want to try Stitch Fix?  Feel free to use my referral code. I will get $25 off my next order if you sign up with my link- so thank you in advance for your kindness. Let me know how it goes!  Too much fun!

Happy Thursday!!

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10.20.14 | Goodbye Monday

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10.17.14 | Happy Friday

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