3.2.15 | Hello Monday

Hello Monday!!  I am in for a super crazy busy week – I can just feel it.  So hold on tight and enjoy the ride?  One day at time?  Someone give me a pep talk..and fast!

Here are some iphone photos from last week and the weekend.

Owen and I worked all last week on his biography book report on Abraham Lincoln. I know a lot more about Abraham Lincoln then I ever knew before!
Reading and marking important notes with post-it's #owenchristoper

Last week I made a trip to work to the Nebraska State Capitol…in Lincoln…hmmmm there some to be a theme here. The capitol is dark with creeper corridors.At the Nebraska state Capitol todayCreepy corridors at the NE state Capitol

A photo of a sign that I took while on the bus driving back from the capitol. I just enjoy the vintage-ness (is that a word?) of this sign.
Somewhere in Nebraska there is this sign I always like to see. So vintage

Scenes from the dinner table – she wasn’t happy with her meal.
#pictapgo_app #scenesfromthedinnertable

But she is super excited about her recital costume! She will be a tap dancing elephant.
She is super excited about her dance recital costume

A little blurry but I love it.
A little blurry but I don't care #saturday

More scenes from the dinner table…secrets.
Telling  secrets #bostinelosbros #scenesfromthedinnertable

In my pjs by 6 pm on a Saturday night – OK by me. I have little tan blotches on my feet left over from Aruba.. (sigh) Aruba. Speaking of Aruba. I’ve been a bit stuck on Project Life because I am working on my Aruba pages. So the good news for all you blog readers is that I will have yet ANOTHER blog post about Aruba..and then I am done. I promise.6 pm and in my Pjs on a Saturday night #notcomplaining

I’ve been addicted to the shellac/gel nails. I’ve been going to get them done the last few months. This time I went for RED. Love classic RED.
Love freshly done nails ! ❤️

And now that I have successfully taken a photo of my feet and my hands and posted them on my blog (oh my!) I am going to go forth with my busy Monday and crazy week…wish me luck!
In case you wanted to know:

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3.1.15 | Right Now


Right now…I just want to rest. I want to curl up under a blanket with a book.

Right now...I am thinking about how I can do less. Remove some of the commitments in my life. Cut back the chaos.  Often I let myself get overwhelmed and I need to stop.

Right now… I realize that I haven’t been blogging much thus far this year.  Sometimes I think I should apologize for that and sometimes I think that I shouldn’t worry about it and just let it be.

Right now…I am thinking about social media a lot and what I put out there. I want to be authentic. And not just on social media – but with everything I do.

Right now... I want to soak in more time with my kids. I am enjoying this season of no babies and yet no teenagers in the house. I know this time is short… soon I will have teenagers who want to do their own thing and then eventually they leave. Maybe that sounds dramatic..but we worked so hard to get these three kiddos into our life (especially Ethan). I don’t want to lose any of that time with them. I don’t want to smother them – but I want more family adventures, more game nights, more cuddles under blankets eating popcorn and  more watching movies.

Right now… I choose us. I am happy to report that in August, Dimitri and I will be on our 13th year of marriage. In June it will be 16 years that we have been together. It’s not always easy. It’s not perfect.  Sometimes it takes work. Sometimes we fight.  But honestly (warning sappy – get out your barf bag moment here) my husband is my best friend.  I like being with him. I like spending time with him. We are a team. He gets me. Somedays I think he is the only one that gets me.


Right now… I want to nurture my soul. And relationships. Perhaps retreat a bit. And concentrate on what’s important.


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2.24.15 | On A Tuesday

It seems that Tuesday is my new blogging day. Which is odd because Tuesday was my Project Life day. But things are turned upside down in my creative brain in 2015 and I am rolling with it. Not questioning it. Not apologizing for it. Just rolling. Got the blog going up ..on a Tuesday.

My iPhone continues to be my camera of choice these days. Here are a few photos from along the way.

Zooey was at my office last week getting a mapping lesson.
@kathapfaff giving Zooey a mapping lesson #futuregisgirl

I just finished this book last night.The Fringe Hours: Making Time for You
I feel like my recent book readings deserve their own blog post, but I can’t guarantee I have that in me right now. In short, I will say that this was a really good book! The author is also the creator of The Mom Creative blog – one in my blog roll!  And she really hits the nail on the head with this whole balancing act that most of women got going on. I have been practicing this idea of “fringe hours” for some time now – and I agree that it is important to find time for yourself, even if it is in small blocks of time throughout the day. Again – I could go in more detail here – and perhaps I will circle back around and do that. But for those woman out there looking for a good resource for time management and making time for yourself – this is a good read!
@jessicanturner excited to read this!

Starting this book – The Rosie Project: A Novel
did tell you that I am consuming books much faster these days. I am also blogging less. So you do the math.Lately I just want to curl up under a blanket and read. Another one for my pile!



The boys are hiding green beans under their lip and they think it’s hilarious. As their mom I am obligated to take their photo and laugh at their silliness.They are hiding green beans under their top lip and they think it's hilarious #bostinelosbros #scenesfromthedinnertable

Some more “Scenes from the Dinner Table” because sometimes that is the only time we are all together before everyone scatters for the evening.#scenesfromthedinnertable #missz #photobomb @dimitri_bostinelosTwo out of three ain't bad#myethan #scenesfromthedinnertable

How’s this for cuteness?#tinydancers

My Ethan – getting ready to ask for something… like “Can I have a piece of candy?” or “Can I get a new app for my tablet?”He is about to ask me for something.....this is his "mom, can I" face. #myethan

This was our Saturday. And I was totally fine with that. We need more of this. Saturday just hanging out #bostinelostrioLego building #myethanThe kids have been lazy all day. This one didn't even get dressed. I blame the weather #missz



Changed up my photo display with some new 4×4’s. They make me extremely happy. So happy that I take time to capture these little moments and then print them. Lately I’ve been using Persnickety prints and I am loving the quality! They get an A+ from me.Love my little photo display! Just freshened up with new 4x4 prints from @persnicketyprints

Ready for warmer days! Who’s with me??A peek of blue from behind the clouds #February #Iowa

One night we traded Ethan in for a new kid. Don’t worry it was only temporary.We traded Ethan in for a new kid #scenesfromthedinnertable

I realized we hadn’t had a selfie since Aruba.  So I snapped one.Because we have not done a selfie since we were far away on an island #us @dimitri_bostinelos


My Dad’s birthday was on Sunday. I actually did get out my big camera (DSLR) and took photos of him blowing out the candles on this cake. Only to realize afterwards that I didn’t have a memory card in my camera! Eeek!Birthday chutes and ladders @rcoacher

And last night’s “Scenes from the dinner table. We were having a late dinner because after work I had taken the kids for haircuts only to come out to a car with a dead battery. Dimitri and my Dad were out in the cold fixing the issue and I was at home feeding the kids, getting them in the bath/shower and getting homework done. It ended up being a later night then I had hoped for – how’s that for a Monday.
Late dinner after haircuts. @dimitri_bostinelos is out dealing with my dead car battery. Came out from hair cuts with car not working! And it's freezing out! Still need to get kids in bath/shower and homework! #Mondayfunday #scenesfromthedinnertable #late

And I am all caught up on the happenings around here! I hope you have a great Tuesday!

In case you wanted to know:

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Stitch Fix #9 | Aruba Style

Before leaving for vacation I received my ninth Stitch Fix! I have been set up to receive a fix every other month…but knowing that I was going on vacation I requested a box for January full of clothes suitable for an Aruban vacation. My stylist did not disappoint!

But first, if you haven’t heard….

Stitch Fix is a personal styling service that sends you a package of clothes and accessories to try on at home. You keep what you like and send the rest back! All you have to do is sign-up on their website, fill out your style profile, and schedule your fix! The cost for each fix is $20, however that $20 then goes towards your purchase. If you keep everything in your box you get 25% off the entire order! You have three days to decide what you want to keep – anything you don’t keep can be sent back in a pre-paid envelope.

This is what I got:

Item 1: Pixley | Danielle Long Knot Necklace $32

Item 2: Brixon Ivy | Sharron Pleated Maxi Skirt $78

Item 3:  Fun2Fun | Gilroy Lace Trim Racerback Blouse $28

(All 3 of the items I have on below – my handsome husband was not part of the fix!)

Dinner out!

And another look at the top …:
stitch fix top!
Item 4:  Yum | Bill 3/4 Sleeve Owl Print Shirt Dress $78

Item 5:  Collective Concepts | Valentina Beaded Trim Blouse $44my top is another stitch fix!


Well it’s obvious that I kept the entire box once again!  My stylist has really got the hang of what I like, as the last few boxes have all been home runs.  I asked my stylist to give me a few items that would work for  going out to dinner in Aruba and some for sightseeing and shopping.  And that’s exactly what I got! The maxi skirt was so comfortable and so cute for wearing out! As a tall, long-legged gal – I was happy to see how long this skirt was! I have heels on in this photo and it is still super long (warning to short-legged girls – this skirt might not be for you).      The owl dress was my favorite, it was so easy to just throw on with cute sandals! And I have already worn it back at home with tights, boots and a cardigan.  Love double duty items!!   And the tanks! Love them both! They are both comfortable and cool. I love the detail on both of them which make them a bit more special than a regular tank.  They can be easily dressed up or down.   I can also wear them at work by adding a blazer or  cardigan on top. Double win!!  Oh and of course the necklace in the top photo!  I love it. I’ve already worn it at least a dozen times! It’s simple and cute and exactly my style. My 9th Fix was perfect!

*Sandals can be found here: Keen Women’s Emerald City 3-Point Sandal

You can see my past fixes here.

Do you want to try Stitch Fix?  Feel free to use my referral code. I will get $25 off my next order if you sign up with my link- so thank you in advance for your kindness. Let me know how it goes!  Too much fun!

Happy Thursday!!

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2.17.15 | Taco Tuesday


I wrote a post on Monday morning. Early. Like before 6 am.  And the Monday morning blog monster ate it. Yup. I hit publish and 1/2 of it was gone.  Just like that …poof. So I deleted the part that was left and moved on with my day. I figured I would get back to it…later.  And here it is…. Later.  Taco Tuesday later. Really, taco Tuesday. We just got done eating tacos for dinner and it is Tuesday.

So how long can I play the “I am not out of vacation mode” card? Because I’ve been playing it a lot. And considering we have been back from Aruba for a week now – it seems that the card is getting worn out.   This weekend I was in recovery mode – meaning I just wanted to sit in my bed and catch up on Downton Abbey in my PJs and drink coffee.  Ok I might have been hiding from the cold and mourning the loss of palm trees and the ocean right outside my door.

But’s all good. Really. I am getting my groove back.  And I am at least 1/2 way caught up on laundry. And it only took me two days to get back through all the emails in my inbox. And today it was cold and it snowed and I cried (not really – I didn’t cry. But I think I did swear. A big 4-letter word that I can’t repeat here)  But’s it’s good.

Last week was Valentine’s Day!  Which for any mother of kids knows that means making valentines, and valentine boxes, and getting ready for school parties.  Yes lots of preparation goes into Valentines day for us Moms.   Luckily for me I am a low maintenance buying the pre-made valentines in a box and picking up the cupcakes at the bakery type of mom.  But I applaud all you Pinterest type of Mom’s with your cute homemade Valentines and your cute snacks. I see them come home.  I notice your skills.  I love what you do. Keep doing it! But it just isn’t happening over here. And I am OK with that.

Zooey all ready for her valentine’s day party.Ready for her valentines party! #missz

A Valentine surprise left for me. I am extremely spoiled by my husband <3A Valentine's surprise for me this morning! Thanks @dimitri_bostinelos ❤️❤️❤️

And Valentines for my little loves. The pig is a Hallmark product and called Cupig! How cute is that.A little valentine ❤️ for my little valentines

Even with all the love around here I was busy wishing these trees were palm trees and the sky was blue.Missing the blue skies and Palm trees of aruba right now

This was the spot I was wishing that from as I was catching up on Downton AbbeyDrinking coffee in bed and catching up on Downton Abbey #lazylikesundaymorning

Little Miss Z went to a Princess Dance party this weekend. She had a blast. Any time she can dress like a princess is a good day to her.Zooey and Nola #missz @rubelhShe is in princess birthday party heaven #misszAt princess dance birthday party #missz

Do you like my big wooden arrow? I got it at jane.comBig wooden arrow? Yes, please!

Ethan practicing reading aloud — he needs a bit of help in this department, so we are trying to make a point each night to have him read out loud to me. He doesn't like reading out loud... And that's why we are practicing. #myethan

That one time this weekend when I dusted of my DSLR and took a Valentine photo of Zooey and Sugar.IMG_9864


And that’s what happened this past weekend… and now it’s Taco Tuesday.


In case you wanted to know:

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2.13.15 | Happy Friday

Would it be really annoying for me to admit that I am so happy it’s Friday because I need a couple of days off? HA! I know I just got back from a long vacation to the beach so you would think I would be refreshed and ready to go.  But in reality I am DRAGGING! So tired! Apparently I wasn’t ready to start my week full steam ahead.  I need the weekend to recover from our trip. I know, it’s sad but true.  I need a vacation to recover from my vacation.

A few photos from this week captured by my iPhone…sure, why not.

I actually did take Tuesday off from work just to be at home to recover. I did things like grocery shopping, changed the oil in my car, unpacked, the boy’s had their school conferences. Back home. One final day off to regroup and do things like grocery shop, get the oil changed in my car, unpack. #andsovacationends #backtoiowa #cold

The kid’s seem happy that we are home…which is good. We missed them too! The boys had a short school week and they are busy at school celebrating Valentine’s day. All the kid’s have had colds and Owen and Zooey are still not 100%. I think they need some down time at home too. Someone is happy to have his Dad home #myethanI got my princess back #misszBack to this crazy life . #bostinelosbros #lifeisgood

And although I still have the work day ahead of me..my thoughts are going towards the weekend and a nap. I know I just woke up but I could really use a nap. Pathetic I know. Yellow and blue

Ok besides napping I am thinking that I want to get my DSLR out and play with it – starting to miss it. I am thinking about when I want to start working on our mudroom/laundry room area – it needs paint and a little make-over. I am thinking that I am a bit behind on my Project Life and that I might start sharing that monthly here on the blog instead of every week. Random thoughts running through my head at all times…that’s what I do.

Well on that note…Happy Friday!

In case you wanted to know:

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Favorites from Aruba

We just got back from a 10 day trip to Aruba.

It was wonderful and exactly what I needed. A chance to take a break – from everything. We went with two other couples and shared a beach house.  While we had wifi in the house – there was no cell service (no texting or calling! can you imagine?).   And with much debate I opted to leave my big camera (DSLR) at home and shot with my iPhone the entire trip.  Lisa did bring her DSLR camera so I have a few shots from her – otherwise we all used our cell phone cameras and at the end of each day shared photos with each other.  Photos below might have been taken by me or someone else – sometimes its hard to tell or remember who shot what. I just appreciate friends who share photos :)

We spent 10 days in Aruba. The longest we have been away from the kids – even with the cruise we took a few years ago.  And besides missing the kids, 10 days was perfect.  I never got bored. I could sit and stare at the ocean all day. The weather was in the 80s everyday. A tad bit humid (curly hair girls beware) and windy.  We missed a big snow storm and frigid temps at home – which I am perfectly fine with!

You can see many more photos over here.  Below are just a few of my favorites.Our house rental.The ocean was just across the street from our front gate.The view from our bedroom.Love palm trees!Palm beach. In the hotel high rise area.  Our house was about  1+ mile from hereUntitledA fav!It's a rough life.UntitledUntitledLight coming into the dining room.I love this colored fence!Untitledinspirational graffati.i made it! Only with a few swear words!And all six of us at the bottom for a feet selfieliving room with a view  I didn't dive. But I enjoyed the sign.  One of my favorite 6 person selfies!best wednesday ever! The pigeons!!    What else are you supposed to do when finding a giant red anchor??the inside of the red bus was magicalphoto bombed.stripes!This was when I realized my lifeproof iphone case was getting water in  it!!on the baby bridge! IMG_1985IMG_1997IMG_2020IMG_2027IMG_2028IMG_2048And then Dimitri wanted to climb 600+ steps to the top of Mt. Hooiberg.IMG_2087IMG_2089IMG_2116    And then we played poker.    IMG_2122  IMG_2132Untitled      IMG_2158        Untitledmy toes match the chair - that's all       our last sunset was amazing!


Things I want to remember:

    • getting in late our first night without our rental car and not able to use the local phone to call a taxi – we were starving, so we ended up eating whatever leftover food in the rental house. The meal included rice, beans and pasta.
    • The ocean that was just steps outside our front door.
    • Coffee on the front patio every morning followed by a walk either up to the Lighthouse or along the shoreline with Dimitri.
    • Dimitri and I taking a detour on our walk to check the sand dunes, and ended up way in the middle of no place. I was convinced that we were lost and argued with Dimitri about which way we should go. Turns out he was right.
    • My curly hair girl problems in Aruba. It just kept getting bigger.
    • Kali the cat who lived at our house (outside) she wanted to be near, but not petted. She also liked it when we shared our food with her.
    • The random puppy that came to play one day
    • Parrots that would sing songs and squawk while we were drinking coffee
    • Great meals out..including Hadicurari, Flying Fishbone, Madame Janette’s, La Petit, J.H. Yee’s Asian Bistro and Iguana Joe’s (just to name a few)
    • Palm Beach, Eagle Beach, and Baby Beach
    • The wave that knocked me down and my swimsuit bottoms went with it and at the same time (the same wave) took Dimitri down by hitting him in his “manly parts” ! Eeek!
    • The pirate ship tours and other tour boats that took people right outside our door to snorkel all day.
    • The giant iguana that we saw while lying on the beach and another one at the ice cream shop.
    • 100% Dushi
    • Grocery shopping multiple times because one batch of guacamole wasn’t enough.
    • Tuning into Super Bowel Sunday
    • shopping at all the tourist spots
    • finding and then climbing Mt. Hooiberg to the top. 600 + steps! Swearing the entire way up and laughing so hard on the way down I had to sit for a second.
    • Cocktails – many cocktails. Including Martini’s, Mojitos, Sex on the Beach, Corona, Wine, and Aruban Beer
    • Selfies. And although we saw many people using a selfie stick, we relied on several people in our group that have long arms
    • The ATV guide who starting speaking to Dimitri in Spanish because he didn’t realize he was American.
    • The horse tour guide that thought Dimitri and Robert were brothers
    • The guy at the airport that said hello to Dimitri in Greek
    • Trying to find Baby Beach and going in and asking for directions because Robert’s GPS on his phone kept telling us to go to the oil refinery instead of the beach
    • Mark’s driving the rented mini van including us not slowing down for a speed bump and squealing tires around each roundabout.
    • Random donkeys on the side of the road
    • A giant red anchor that we climbed just for a photo
    • Robert and Dimitri feeding the pigeons at Baby Beach
    • The magical red bus that picked us up for our ATV ride.
    • Our dare-devil ATV tour guide that would buzz ahead to stop traffic for us so we could get through the roundabouts
    • Being so filthy dirty after the ATV ride.
    • Lisa and I being photo bombed by Dimitri and the natural bridge
    • Making our way down steep hills and rocks in the ATV to the natural pool
    • Dimitri and Keri getting hit by waves in all directions at the natural pool
    • Me realizing my Lifeproof case wasn’t working while in the natural pool with my iphone!
    • Trying to get out of the natural pool and realizing the rocks were covered with crabs! Me screaming.
    • Nights in that included Cards Against Humanity, watching the move “The Interview”, and poker
    • A trip to the laundry mat
    • Dimitri losing his fitbit on the horse tour.
    • All the funny personalities of our horses on the tour including Keri’s horse that didn’t want to move, Robert’s stinky horse and Dimitri’s horse that like to bite the butts of the other horses.
    • Lisa winning $70 at the casino
    • The I {heart} Aruba sign.
    • Lisa, Mark, Dimitri and I waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for the Carnival light parade to begin.
    • Hanging out with all the locals during the parade
    • Getting home from the light parade at 2 am!!
    • The ocean, towels, and beach chairs that all matched the polish on my toe nails
    • Making sand angels with Keri
    • Lisa doing a cart-wheel on the beach
    • A long travel day back to Iowa. Including late flights and changing gates.
    • Finishing three books on the trip, Lizzy & JaneOrphan Train and The Husband’s Secret

It was nice to have a little break here from the blog. I’ve been thinking and thinking about my little online space here and what is working for me and what is not.  Not sure I have it all figured out. But sometimes it is nice to step away to gain a bit of clarity and perspective.

I am so happy that we found the time to take a trip like this – adventure does the soul good :)



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Just got home.

Just got home from a long vacation to Aruba.  I’ll be back soon with a few favorite photos from the trip soon.  Thanks!

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Creativity Thoughts + Some Everyday Photos

Hey Friends – just checking in.  I have been more quiet on the blog, as I mentioned that I might be for a bit.  I’ve been thinking a lot about creativity and what it means, where it comes from and how to nurture it once we find it.

I often get asked “how do you do all that you do?”.  I don’t know – my new Fitbit is telling me that I don’t get much sleep!  I’ve been trying to stay in bed later, but I crave for that time in my house when everyone is sleeping, and it’s just me and my coffee. I either sit and soak in other’s words and photos, or I sit and write, or edit photos, and share.  I need this creative time in the morning as it helps me approach my day in a positive light. It’s good for my soul.

The last few days I’ve done less of my own work and more admiring the work of other’s.  Not to compare myself. But just for inspiration. Just to let my own ideas sit and simmer. It’s a good place.

So probably a bit more quiet around here while my creativity is simmering. While I am taking a little break.

A few iphone photos from around here:Drawing #owenchristopherZoZo wins ! #nicebro #owenchristopher #misszLots of blueberries and lots of whip cream for dessert #myethanA quick walk for fresh air on another 50 degree January day in Iowa!


Our house is loud and busy.  It’s full of life.  We are in this magical place of just kids. No babies and teenagers.  Just kids. And it’s fun and exhausting and the word “MOM!” is yelled out at least 1 million times a day.  There is giggling and fighting and everything in between. There is homework and video games. Legos and Barbies

It’s also been unseasonably warm this week (although that is about to end) and both Dimitri and I have been out soaking it in with walks whenever we can.  Moving is good. Sunshine is good.

Happy Thursday!
In case you wanted to know:

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1.26.15 | Hello Monday


Hello Monday! Somehow I skipped Friday around here… and then I remind myself  “Hey there crazy lady, you don’t have to blog everyday. I promise the world won’t end. And you probably didn’t have that much exciting stuff to share anyway.”  

Wow, my internal dialogue is kinda harsh but yet tells the truth.  The truth is that I’ve been enjoying somewhat of a creative break – which always tends to happen this time of year.  I use to let it get me down.  But here is the thing I’ve learned about myself – sometimes I just need to sit back and enjoy the breather.  I don’t need to push myself…if I am not “feeling it” then it’s ok just to let things go for a bit.  My creativity always comes back around. Sometimes I pickup where I  left-off, sometimes I start something new.   I haven’t touch my DSLR since… forever ago. It’s sitting on my desk untouched. And that is OK. I need a break from it.  And at the end of last week I realized on Friday, I hadn’t even taken many photos on my iPhone…and the ones I did take didn’t seem to exciting.  Just your regular old get up, kid’s go to school,  go to work, home for dinner, baths for the kids and bed just to start it all over again type of week.  And it’s not that I have a case of the “blahs” because I really don’t.  I actually have something coming up that I am very excited about. I am making plans (mostly in my head) regarding my side biz and I even have some blog post ideas knocking around in there that just haven’t come out yet.  So I am giving myself a pass right now…and that means for the next couple or few weeks you might not see a blog post from me everyday (gasp).  But it’s ok. I promise. Everything is Awesome. (ok we just finished watching the Lego movie and that song is in my head – and now in your head, you’re welcome).  But really it’s fine.  

Ok enough with the blabbering! How about some photos that aren’t either creative or too exciting but yet represent my life right now???

Zooey has been banning toys in her room that freak her out while she is trying to go to sleep. It’s the eyes! The collection of them on top of my dresser is amusing. Zooey has banned these toys from her room because they have eyes and they look at her while she sleeps #missz

Books…perhaps this is related to my need for a creative break…but I just want to sit and read. Last week I read Yes Please and I really enjoyed it.  And probably why I don’t have many exciting photos to share with you from last week – because when I wasn’t at work or taking care of my children my head was buried in this book.  Amy Poehler has been one of my favorites since Saturday Night Live and now with Parks and Recreation – it’s one of my favorite shows. I enjoy her creative funniness. I enjoyed reading her story. I like successful women, especially those that worked really hard at it but make it look so easy.

Next on my list is Orphan Train. Which I know nothing about but everyone tells me it is good. This is a book for the monthly book club that I am in. I’ve been very, very, very bad about reading books for my book club. My goal this year is to actually read the book each month. I thought maybe I need a book review post monthly here on the blog to keep me motivated??

Can I also tell you that I enjoy getting the hard copy  or paper back books. I’ve tried the electronic book method and I find myself straying away to check Facebook or Pinterest or Instagram way too many times and I get nothing read.   I like books, physical books. After I am done reading them I let them go… I donate them or give them to friends. Although I would love to build a Little Free Library – wouldn’t that be so fun?

I have to get some reading done!

Zooey insisted on wearing her brothers spiderman ski mask to preschool last week. And who am I to argue with this cute little spiderman. It's snowing! Happy Wednesday! #missz #dontask

Dance class Thursday. They are starting to practice for their rehearsal coming up this June. That seems far away – but I know will be here in a flash.
Thursday dance night! #missz

Ethan’s been really into some crazy goat simulator game. He shows me and I nod and smile and wonder what the heck am I looking at here!Ethan playing some crazy goat simulator game! #myethan

Lisa’s birthday party on Friday. We decided to point..at her because it was her birthday. But we didn’t tell Sarah to point (sorry). Don’t ask what is up with the pointing…it was something that we did on our cruise trip in 2012 and for some reason brought it back.Happy birthday @lisaannpeterson

Also at the party — photo bombing by Dimitri. Classic.Photos bomb by @dimitri_bostinelos

Owen lost another tooth! The tooth fairy is in high demand around here these days.Someone lost another tooth yesterday #owenchristopher

Zooey and Papa at the pizza ranch. Zooey has her crazy eyes on.Pizza ranch! #missz #papa


Sitting over at my parent’s house on Saturday night. All lined up in a row on the couch. Ethan’s hiding. Last night. All lined up on the couch at grandmas #latergram

And then on Sunday morning waiting for a table for breakfast with Dimitri’s parents. All lined up again.The breakfast crew waiting for a table

The place was so full the kid’s ended up at their own table. Which I don’t think they minded as their electronic devices kept them entertained.They got their own table and each with an electronic devise #breakfastout

Sunday afternoon we laid low and hung around the house. Zooey and I built a castle. " Mommy, build a castle with me" #missz

Wasn’t that exciting?    Hello Monday!

In case you wanted to know:

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