Around the House, Miss Z Graduates Preschool + Other Stuff

Around the house – I want to change things, and paint, and re-do everything. I am fairly certain that this drives my dear husband nuts!  We are still plugging away in the basement – the good news is that the remodeling is done! But now we are purging stuff and reorganizing (photos to come). I do have some decorating to do as well – the walls are for the most part are empty.  However, I am not really the type of person that goes and purchases decor/furniture and fills up a room in one day.  I slowly collect things, put things together, move things around. Which makes for a long process – but I believe makes a house more of a home.

On the list…I would love to get Zooey’s room painted. But I need to finish the organizing of the basement – and then the painting of the staircase walls and the mud room.She told me I need to paint her walls pink. I am ready for new paint.. But pink?? How about white or grey? "No Mom, PINK!" #missz

Zooey told me that she wants pink walls. I was hoping for something a bit more neutral! We will have to debate this one for a while. Good thing I am not ready to tackle this project yet!

Here is what the basement family room is looking like these days. Including 2 video game playing boys.  I don’t want to make the room to girly – also trying to keep it light and fun for the kids. The couch could use some throw pillows and maybe a fun rug? I don’t know I am working on it (mentally working on it).

Two video game playing boys and a basement I haven't decorated yet after the remodel #itsonthelist #bostinelosbros

And while we are at it…how about a random of the kitchen table. I cleaned it off before bed this night…it feels great to wake up to a clean kitchen table. However, I need to work on that cork board back there – yikes! Lots o’ papers! Ending the night with a clean kitchen table.

Zooey graduated from preschool this week! I am being fairly sappy about the entire thing because she is my last baby, and clearly not a baby anymore (sigh). She was so excited and proud of herself! She is a hoot.
Me and the graduate more pics to come #misszIMG_1109IMG_0976IMG_1019IMG_1023IMG_1029IMG_1046IMG_1062IMG_1122IMG_1128IMG_1142IMG_1156

Other stuff from the week:

I went to the Iowa State Cyclone Tailgate Tour (not my school!) but I won for my Dad an ISU golf towel set, so yeah! Actually between Dimitri and my Dad there is a lot of cheering for ISU even from me. Go Cyclones! I am cheating on my school. The bad influence of @dimitri_bostinelos and @rcoacher #cyclonetailgatetour #gocyclones 😳

This week was cold…we spent too much time inside because of it. Ethan was so chilly – he kept his fleece on in the house…but don’t ask about his pants! HA! The kid never has pants on. I love that he is wearing a fleece jacket but no pants 😳 the weather is cold and gloomy for the end of May. Wishing for nicer days and evenings outside #myethan

truth…the laundry. Always the laundry.The laundry!! Never ends!

Very excited because I found a new urban green space for photo sessions!I think I just found a new photo taking location!

Dimitri and Ethan have been working on providing Ally the turtle with the best home possible. I think she likes it so far.I spy Ally the turtle in her new home #allyturtle

I made him take a selfie in the parking lot of Chili’s on lunch on Friday…he thought it was weird. I like it.I made him take a selfie in the parking lot of chili's #lunchdate @dimitri_bostinelos

And another selfie that day of what I wore: Maxi skirt, black tank and denim jacket all from stitch fix. My hair is driving me nuts these days – I keep trying to make it straight –  but the weather has other ideas. So this day I threw it back into a messy bun and called it good – I think this might be my hair look for summer 2015. Got dressed in maxi skirt, tank and denim jacket - put my curly hair back  and realized I dressed like @lisaleonard . Love her style ❤ ️

Have you tried these? If not you must. Go now. I found them at Walmart.@lisaannpeterson s'mores Oreos!

Owen’s last football game of the season. It was rainy and cold – which is what seems to be the weather theme  around here. I want the sun! I want the pool! Finger’s crossed for Monday – I need my unofficial first day of summer to start with blue water and a drink in my hand. Just hanging out today @dimitri_bostinelos #owenchristopher

Owen’s game face!Game face. Last football game of the season . #itsfreezing #owenchristopher

Here is a load of stuff being cleaned out of the basement to donation! It feels so good to clear things out!  I guess being cold and rainy has it’s advantages.One Honda Pilot full of stuff going to the Junior League Discovery Shop!

Despite the colder temps, today we went to go get flowers! Finally! This is something we normally do on Mother’s Day – again I blame the weather.Finally getting flowers to plant! This is normally a Mothers Day activity - but this year it just happened later. #bostinelostrioShe says we can only buy pink and purple flowers! #missz


Zooey wanted to buy all the purple and pink flowers.


So yup, that’s what has been going on around here!

Happy Saturday!

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Living It Up

Neighborhood princess club @dimitri_bostinelos @emilyhamstra23 @icknay_amstrahay

Neighborhood friends, princess, Pinterest success (s’more cones).
Neighborhood kid gang @emilyhamstra23 @icknay_amstrahay @dimitri_bostinelosThe girl think this yard is beautiful with all the flowers 😂😬 @emilyhamstra23 @icknay_amstrahay @dimitri_bostinelosPinterest success! S'mores cones @icknay_amstrahay



Spring flag foot ball for Owen. He is #19!



My Dad, Owen and I went to the Circus. Zooey already went with her preschool class and Ethan decided he didn’t want to go this year. I am not a fan of the animal acts. I did feel that there were less animal acts  this year as compared to previous years.  I personally think they should cut them out all together. My circus dates! @rcoacher #owenchristopher
Cotton candy face #owenchristopher
But I do like the cotton candy and the (human) performers were good!Looking up! #circusfun#circusfun#circusfunOwen and Papa @rcoacher

Dimitri and I did the Race for the Cure together for Mother’s Day. The last time we participated was 6 year’s ago! I enjoyed spending mother’s day morning just him and I – what a gift! We must not wait another 6 years to do it again!Ready to Race for the Cure! #happymothersday @dimitri_bostinelos

Later on Mother’s Day…we went to brunch with my Mom and MIL and then back to my parents to hang out and take some pics!I look like her and she looks like me. #happymothersdayHappy Mother's Day with my MIL! #happymothersday#happymothersday !!#happymothersday

Oh this photo cracks me up! Owen was happy, Zooey was sassy, and Ethan was not in a photo taking mood. This is motherhood.IMG_0143

Last week was national Bike-to-Work and one of the many fun parts of my day job is that I get to encourage such activities! So my bike was dusted off and with a co-worker, we rode our bikes to work! We had a fun adventure riding to work – I pulled out in front of a car (eek!), my co-worker lost all break control, and then it started pouring on us! HA! We took it in good stride and had fun. I also rode my bike home for extra credit!Dusting off my bike to participate in bike-to-work week. It hasn't seen daylight since last summer.  Thinking I need to trade in this trek mountain bike for a road bike. I would love to participate in more local rides but never feel like I have the rightPlease don't run us over! Promoting Bike to Work Week fun! @kathapfaff I accidentally pulled out in front of a car. Jake lost all break control and we got caught in the rain- but we made it! #scbike2work #dontrunmeover #bikemonthNot only did I ride my bike TO work. I rode my bike home FROM work. Bonus points! Extra credit!  #scbike2work #andbackhome #pleasedontrunmeover

Zooey was into riding her bike this week also.Zooey and I got our bikes out and went on a long ride around the block 🚲🚲

More fun work events last week! We celebrated our 50th Anniversary. Yeah!Fun at the hard rock @kathapfaff @dimitri_bostinelos @hardrockhotelscEthan had a sleepover at a friend’s house the past Friday night. Zooey and Owen were feeling a bit bummed out that they didn’t have any plans with friends…so we took them to the mall to do funny things. Like playing putt-putt in the sporting good store.2 kids at the sorting good store. Fun times on a Friday night ! #missz #owenchristopher

Riding the merry-go-roundTheir brother went to a friend's house. They went to the mall #fairtrade #owenchristopher #missz

Eating ice cream cones as big as our headsZoZo vs dip cone #missz

Eskimo kissesEskimo kisses #missz

Playing in the mall’s play place.
Can we go home now? #malloverload #missz #owenchristopher

Spending time together..Owen and daddy



And try out the funny wind machine…because why not?? (Click on photo below to watch the video)

Saturday we hit the rode to Kansas to help our niece celebrate her graduation from High School. Nothing like a good road trip!
Quick road trip!Happy kids, happy life ❤️ #bostinelostrioPit stop #wehavestopped4timesalready  #arewethereyetMorning ! #Yiayia #misszIMG_0152IMG_0157IMG_0174IMG_0207IMG_0249IMG_0258IMG_0278IMG_0289IMG_0321

I love the chickens!IMG_0196IMG_0202

Ethan was super excited because the kids found a turtle and told him he could take it home as a pet. At first he named it Alfred…but with a little bit of research we determined that Alfred was most likely a SHE so he changed the name to Ally.

The day started out sunny but then storms rolled it. I was a bit scared about the posiblity of tornados (KANSAS!) but all was OK and we didn’t get sent to OZ.


All tucked in bed at the hotel as more storms rolled through.
All tucked in Happy to report that Ally the turtle made her way back to Iowa and is resting in her new home.Ethan found new pet in Kansas. We proudly introduce you to Alfred the turtle #myethan #alfredturtle

He is SO happy to have a little pet to himself…he has been bummed since the death of Bella the Crayfish. He has been begging me for a bird (which I do not want!) – so I am happy that he is happy with the turtle. Turtles are cute.IMG_0113

Life feels like it is picking up around here…must be getting close to summer. Love this time of year!IMG_0129

The boys have 7 days left of school.
Zooey graduates from pre-school this week.
The pool opens next weekend!

Summer coming up next!

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A Day in the Life

Yesterday I participated in Ali Edwards Day in the Life Project…. I thought it would be a good way for me to get some more everyday photos in the mix as I seem to be lacking many photos these days.  I opted to use my iPhone for my camera just because of the ease and convince. Yesterday was also a work/school day for us – so not always conducive to lugging around the big camera.  This is what I captured.

6:30 am | Early morning coffee and a little computer time before shower, before everyone wakes up.
Take 2 a day in the life. I tried to start this yesterday but realized I was off a day. #aedayinthelife

7 am | Zooey watching cartoons on the iPad before getting dressed for the day.
Morning cartoons on the iPad. #aedayinthelife #missz

7:30 am | The boys out the door to school. 7:30 am boys are out the door with Dimitri . Zooey still needs her hair brushed before we leave so we hang back #aedayinthelife

8 am | Just pulled in the parking lot of my office – ready to start the work day.8:00 am just pulled into work #aedayinthelife

9 am | Not too many meetings today means much-needed desk time to catch up on emails and projects that need attention.9 am not to many meetings today - so lots of desk time. Got to catchup on stuff so happy for the time. I have a cold so not feeling 100% today, but the coffee is hot and the tunes are on- so I am pushing forward. #aedayinthelife

1:03 pm | Meeting in the board room1:03 meeting in the board room #aedayinthelife

2:30 pm | Late lunch – home to let Sugar out and get something to eat before heading back to the office.2:30 late lunch . Home to let Sugar out and then back to work #aedayinthelife

4:45 pm | Trying to finish up a work task before 5 pm.4:45 trying to finish up a work task before 5 pm #aedayinthelife

5:15 pm | Picking up Zooey from pre-school/daycare. She has a note all about Pre-School Graduation coming up next week!5:15 pm . Pick up Zooey from preschool . She has a note telling all about preschool graduation coming up next week! #aedayinthelife

5:20 pm | Came home to an escaped kitty cat and Ethan on the front porch5:20 Came home to escaped kitty cat. #aedayinthelife #myethan #lucylou

5:25 pm | The pre-dinner craziness.
5:25 they want back in the house #aedayinthelife #sugardog #owenchristopher #missz

5:30 pm | My cute husband making taco for dinner…because it’s Tuesday.5:30. I love my hot chef @dimitri_bostinelos #aedayinthelife

5:45 pm | 4 of us eating dinner. Owen got sent to his room for bad attitude.5:45 dinner . One boy with attitude got sent to his room #aedayinthelife

6:00 pm | Grumpy Boy got released from his room to enjoy a Taco — he even wore his Taco Tuesday shirt!Grumpy boy got released from his room just in time for Taco Tuesday to match his shirt #aedayinthelife

6:30 pm | A little cuddle time6:30 pm// a little cuddle time #aedayinthelife

7:00 pm | We walked through 2 houses tonight. We keep our eye on the market, we haven’t found exactly what we are looking for yet and are always debating if we should sell or stay.7:00 pm // walked through 2 houses . Always looking keeping our eye out in case we decide to sell and jump #aedayinthelife

8:00 pm | Watching a movie
Watching a movie #aedayinthelife

8:30 pm | We all end up on the same couch (Owen in his room – by choice, he was tired and not a fan of the movie, Hotel Transylvania)
8:30 pm // we all end up piled on top of each other on one couch #aedayinthelife

9:00 pm | One last trip outside for Sugar Dog9 pm// one last potty break for sugar before bed #sugardog #aedayinthelife

9:20 pm | Crash
9:20 pm // crash #owenchristopher #aedayinthelife

I was sleeping not long after this…I either have a cold or some serious allergies going on. Lots of coughing, runny nose, sneezing fun. Boo! Once the kids were sleeping I hit the pillow and was out!

Happy Wednesday!
In case you wanted to know:



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Dear Michelle

i just wanted to drop a note and thank you for being such an awesome mother to our children.  Every day they get the chance to be raised by an amazing, strong, caring, loving person.  I am so thankful for all that you do for them and myself.  Happy Mothers Day to the best mom 3 crazy kids could have!


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