Happy 8th Birthday Blog


December marks the 8th Birthday of this blog! Hard to believe 8 years I have been plugging away here.  Of course so much has changed in those 8 years – when I started Owen was just a baby.  And then of course Miss Z came along.  But it’s not just our family that has grown and changed, I believe I have too.  I will look back at old posts and see how my “voice” has changed,  how my photography has come along, how the I have evolved through different phases and styles. It’s my own personal time capsule of sorts.

I’ve gone through phases where I blog a lot (everyday) and phases where I blog less frequently.  I believe in the ebb and flow of creativity and thus I don’t stress when I feel like I need to step back and re-evaluate.  I’ve gone through times when my goal is to increase my readership or promote my side business or times when I just want to report or reflect on everyday life. Sometimes I go through phases where I don’t pick up my DSLR camera for weeks and only share images from my iPhone – which I know are not the best, but let’s be honest, everyday can’t be a photo session.

The last few weeks I have been re-evaluating what I want to share here – what is the purpose of this ‘ol blog? Do I need to post everyday?  Who is my audience? Why do they keep coming back here? What do I have to offer my readers?  What do I share? Do I keep going?

I haven’t figured out the answers to any of those questions.  So for now I am just accepting the ebb and flow of creativity.  To step back and not feel pressure to  post everyday or document every moment.  I am trying to come back to the reason why I started the blog and if I like how it has evolved.  I am thinking about basics and simplicity and asking myself what is my real talent and how do I want to express or share that.

I know I have a lot of readers out there – some just stop by for certain things…like to read about my Project Life or to see my next Stitch Fix. Others have visited for my photography or photography tips (which I haven’t posted in a long time)  Which is wonderful — thank you for visiting!  Others have been with me since the very beginning – I thank you for your support! If you get a chance to drop me a comment, either below or in an email or on my Facebook page – I would love to hear from you.

Happy Birthday Blog.

<3 Michelle


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Early Christmas in KC

This past weekend we  went down to Kansas City area to celebrate Christmas with my family.  Not everyone is able to get home this year, so this was our early celebration.  Here are some photos:

My nieces:

and a nephew (+ Ethan)



Zooey got an Anna doll! She was very excited and within 5 minutes out of the box – poor Anna had no clothes on! Why do little girls peel clothes off dolls? I don’t get it?IMG_0827

Ethan and my MomIMG_0863

Owen very excited!IMG_0870IMG_0875IMG_0877

This looks like a serious conversation:IMG_0886

Then the kids decorated sugar cookies:IMG_0888

I caught Zooey sneaking a taste.IMG_0892

And Ethan with his mouth full of cookieIMG_0908IMG_0911IMG_0915IMG_0922IMG_0924

My nephew was trying to dodge the camera – but I caught him!IMG_0932

The weather was in the 50s! Didn’t feel much like Christmas!IMG_0935

My Dad helping my nephew out with a trivia game.IMG_0940


And then we went to check out Crown Center. Which was beautiful and a crazy amount of people! I wish I would have been able to get more photos of the lights. But keeping track of 17 people – 3 of mine being little – in the dark with the crowds seemed to take priority over the camera. But I tried to get in as many photos as I could!IMG_0948IMG_0950IMG_0954IMG_0960

All of us! It’s a little dark…but take what we can get, right?IMG_0965

They had the fountain set to music. The boys were being the conductors.IMG_0993

My favorite:IMG_0996

We then went to check out the Country Club Plaza – which I think was more packed than Crown Center. But the lights were beautiful. It was dark, and we were moving + lots of people to track – so just a few photos.IMG_1002IMG_1005

Owen checking out the window display at the Apple store.IMG_1008IMG_1013

And that’s all I got!

Happy Wednesday!
In case you wanted to know:

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Project Life 2014 | Week 49

Week 49 | December 1, 2014 – December 7, 2014

Week 49Week 49Week 49Week 49Week 49Week 49Week 49Week 49
In case you wanted to know:

  •  I used the Project Life app to make these pages.  Still loving it!!  For me this works really, really well. It’s easy and convenient and I can make pages wherever I am at!
  •  And using Persnickity Prints to print the pages in size 12×12 !

I would love to hear from you! Please leave me any questions or comments below.

If you want to know more about my Project Life visit my Project Life Page.

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Auntie’s Sugar Cookies

It wouldn’t be Christmas without making my Great Aunt’s (Auntie) sugar cookies. Zooey and I had a cookie exchange to attend this week – so the timing was perfect! And we only had a few setbacks during our cookie-making adventure. 1. I ran out of powered sugar and had to stop at the store on the way home from church to pick up more. 2. in one batch I used whole wheat floor, which didn’t work! That batch was tossed. 3. I ran out of almond extract, and the thought of going back to the store with my 4-year-old on a Sunday afternoon for one ingredient was too much for me to handle, so I went and raided my parents house for the almond extract. True story.

Zooey was in charge of the sprinkles. She took her job seriously and was generous with the sprinkles.

She also liked the mixer. IMG_0784 IMG_0796

This might be the part that I figured out that whole wheat flour will not work in sugar cookies.IMG_0801

Owen, wrapped in a blanket, trying to eat the dough and steal our cookiesIMG_0802

I put the camera on the table and set the timer. And what do you know… I am in some photos! (With the big camera – that I didn’t have to ask anyone to take!)

And the finished product:IMG_0808

Happy Thursday!

In case you wanted to know:

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The Great Christmas Tree Hunt (post-credit bonus scenes)

Michelle missed a couple of great photos…..


and my personal favorite..


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The Great Christmas Tree Hunt 2014

A couple of years ago, we started a new tradition of cutting down a real Christmas tree! It’s a fun little family adventure  and something that I hope that we keep on doing.  This year, like the past 2 years, we went tree hunting with the Peterson’s.  Here are some photos:

The first stop for the kids is always the swing set:IMG_0497IMG_0498IMG_0504IMG_0509IMG_0526


And then off to find our tree!



my hunky husbandIMG_0591

silly boys:


So funny thing is…we cut down a tree that wasn’t supposed to be cut down. oops! I guess there were some marked with tags and others not and we missed that. The people at the tree farm were very nice about it. But noted for next year – LOOK FOR THE TAG BEFORE CUTTING! EEEK! In all fairness there were others cute down in the area we were looking – so I don’t think we were the only ones that made this mistake IMG_0609IMG_0611IMG_0622IMG_0629IMG_0634IMG_0641IMG_0642IMG_0647

The Peterson’s from across the way. They cut down tagged tree. Good job.IMG_0657

And back with our tree to the main area…

More playground time:IMG_0691IMG_0737

And a look in the shop! To warm up and for hot cocoa and cookies

Zooey and I explored a bit more.IMG_0717IMG_0722IMG_0729IMG_0733

And then an attempt for one family photo.IMG_0755

A failed attempt. Zooey was not cooperating. I was a bit disappointed, because as you can see this was the only photo I was actually in. Dimitri isn’t much of a photographer – and you know he was dealing with the tree so I didn’t expect him to be on camera duty. I love taking photos… I do. But I have to admit that sometimes it is hard to always be the one taking the photos and never in the photos. I want to make sure that when my kids look back they see all of us not just 4 out of 5. I had a mini-meltdown about it. Truth. It’s not always easy being the photographer. I think I need to invest in one of those wireless remotes for my camera and jump in the photos more or something.

Ok – enough complaining….

Our tree at home.

It’s a little guy. But that’s OK.

Have a great Wednesday!!

In case you wanted to know:

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