1.26.15 | Hello Monday


Hello Monday! Somehow I skipped Friday around here… and then I remind myself  “Hey there crazy lady, you don’t have to blog everyday. I promise the world won’t end. And you probably didn’t have that much exciting stuff to share anyway.”  

Wow, my internal dialogue is kinda harsh but yet tells the truth.  The truth is that I’ve been enjoying somewhat of a creative break – which always tends to happen this time of year.  I use to let it get me down.  But here is the thing I’ve learned about myself – sometimes I just need to sit back and enjoy the breather.  I don’t need to push myself…if I am not “feeling it” then it’s ok just to let things go for a bit.  My creativity always comes back around. Sometimes I pickup where I  left-off, sometimes I start something new.   I haven’t touch my DSLR since… forever ago. It’s sitting on my desk untouched. And that is OK. I need a break from it.  And at the end of last week I realized on Friday, I hadn’t even taken many photos on my iPhone…and the ones I did take didn’t seem to exciting.  Just your regular old get up, kid’s go to school,  go to work, home for dinner, baths for the kids and bed just to start it all over again type of week.  And it’s not that I have a case of the “blahs” because I really don’t.  I actually have something coming up that I am very excited about. I am making plans (mostly in my head) regarding my side biz and I even have some blog post ideas knocking around in there that just haven’t come out yet.  So I am giving myself a pass right now…and that means for the next couple or few weeks you might not see a blog post from me everyday (gasp).  But it’s ok. I promise. Everything is Awesome. (ok we just finished watching the Lego movie and that song is in my head – and now in your head, you’re welcome).  But really it’s fine.  

Ok enough with the blabbering! How about some photos that aren’t either creative or too exciting but yet represent my life right now???

Zooey has been banning toys in her room that freak her out while she is trying to go to sleep. It’s the eyes! The collection of them on top of my dresser is amusing. Zooey has banned these toys from her room because they have eyes and they look at her while she sleeps #missz

Books…perhaps this is related to my need for a creative break…but I just want to sit and read. Last week I read Yes Please and I really enjoyed it.  And probably why I don’t have many exciting photos to share with you from last week – because when I wasn’t at work or taking care of my children my head was buried in this book.  Amy Poehler has been one of my favorites since Saturday Night Live and now with Parks and Recreation – it’s one of my favorite shows. I enjoy her creative funniness. I enjoyed reading her story. I like successful women, especially those that worked really hard at it but make it look so easy.

Next on my list is Orphan Train. Which I know nothing about but everyone tells me it is good. This is a book for the monthly book club that I am in. I’ve been very, very, very bad about reading books for my book club. My goal this year is to actually read the book each month. I thought maybe I need a book review post monthly here on the blog to keep me motivated??

Can I also tell you that I enjoy getting the hard copy  or paper back books. I’ve tried the electronic book method and I find myself straying away to check Facebook or Pinterest or Instagram way too many times and I get nothing read.   I like books, physical books. After I am done reading them I let them go… I donate them or give them to friends. Although I would love to build a Little Free Library – wouldn’t that be so fun?

I have to get some reading done!

Zooey insisted on wearing her brothers spiderman ski mask to preschool last week. And who am I to argue with this cute little spiderman. It's snowing! Happy Wednesday! #missz #dontask

Dance class Thursday. They are starting to practice for their rehearsal coming up this June. That seems far away – but I know will be here in a flash.
Thursday dance night! #missz

Ethan’s been really into some crazy goat simulator game. He shows me and I nod and smile and wonder what the heck am I looking at here!Ethan playing some crazy goat simulator game! #myethan

Lisa’s birthday party on Friday. We decided to point..at her because it was her birthday. But we didn’t tell Sarah to point (sorry). Don’t ask what is up with the pointing…it was something that we did on our cruise trip in 2012 and for some reason brought it back.Happy birthday @lisaannpeterson

Also at the party — photo bombing by Dimitri. Classic.Photos bomb by @dimitri_bostinelos

Owen lost another tooth! The tooth fairy is in high demand around here these days.Someone lost another tooth yesterday #owenchristopher

Zooey and Papa at the pizza ranch. Zooey has her crazy eyes on.Pizza ranch! #missz #papa


Sitting over at my parent’s house on Saturday night. All lined up in a row on the couch. Ethan’s hiding. Last night. All lined up on the couch at grandmas #latergram

And then on Sunday morning waiting for a table for breakfast with Dimitri’s parents. All lined up again.The breakfast crew waiting for a table

The place was so full the kid’s ended up at their own table. Which I don’t think they minded as their electronic devices kept them entertained.They got their own table and each with an electronic devise #breakfastout

Sunday afternoon we laid low and hung around the house. Zooey and I built a castle. " Mommy, build a castle with me" #missz

Wasn’t that exciting?    Hello Monday!

In case you wanted to know:

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Home Base

I had lunch yesterday with a friend who is starting up her own businesses.  She is busy getting her online presence set up and she came to me for some advice. Which, surprisingly enough has not been the first time I’ve been asked the same question(s).

I am starting a business and I know I need to be online, but where do I start? 

It is kinda confusing..there are so many options! Do you need a website, or an online store, what about Facebook,  Pinterest, Instagram!?? I don’t even know how to tweet and what the heck is tumbler and snapchat anyway?  What blog platform and what is better – Big Cartel or Etsy? How do people find me and how do I update all these sites?


There are a lot of choices out there. It makes my head spin a little bit too. And I don’t use all of them. I use what works for me.  This is my general motto in my life.  I use (or do) what works for me.  Which means it might not work for you. But it works for me.  As long as something works for me I stick with it but the minute it stops working – then I am off to find something that will work.  This is so true across so many aspects of my life.

So my advice to my friend and to anyone else out there who is looking to start an online business or an online presence is to find your home base.Untitled


This is my home base.  It’s a simple one page site that leads people either to my photography blog or to this blog where you are reading now.  My friend Brian designed it for me.  (although I should warn Brian, that I am ready for something new in terms of design and need to call him) .   I decided to have a home page that leads in two different directions because I wanted to keep my photo biz separate from my everyday photos of my family and general random photos that I put up about things like shoes and scrapbooking.

This is what works for me.  It might not work for you.  My point is… this is my Home Base.  This is where I want people to go.  I personally don’t want my home base to be Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram or Pinterest.  To me those are all tools I use to get people to my home base – those are not my home.  My home base is something I created, with all my stuff not a social media site.  I post links and photos and text to social media which invite people to my home base. “Come see what I am doing”.  “Check this out!”  “Book a session with me here is a link to my website”.  “Interested in my prices – I have them listed right here on my website”. So if you are starting a business or a blog or some type of online business I would suggest the first thing you do is to establish your home base.   It might not look like my home base – do what works for you.

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1.21.15 Pinspiration | Dress Me in This

Jeans and a cardigan – my go to outfit on the weekends:




Cute outfit for work! I love green and navy! This would be cute for St. Patrick’s Day.  A little green without going crazy!




Dress + Boots = another go to outfit for me. I just never gets old.



I am liking the layers here, and the chambray, and the stripes with the little bright belt.  This is cute!



Speaking of stripes…have you ever mixed with plaid? Daring! I love it!

What have you been pinning? I love finding new people to follow on Pinterest. Leave a link to your Pinterest boards in the comments and I will follow you! You can find me here.

You can check out past Pinspiration posts here.

*If you would like to pin any of the images above, click on the image and link up to the original source. 


Happy Wednesday!


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Project Life 2015 | Week 2

Week 2 | January 12, 2015 – January 18, 2015
Week 2Week 2Week 2Week 2
Thanks for checking out my Project Life. If there are any more questions you have please let me know!


If you want to know more about my Project Life visit my Project Life Page.

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1.19.15 | Hello Monday


Hello Monday!  Here some Hellos and a recap from the weekend via my iPhone.

Hello to a little game night on Friday with friends:Game night! @sarahkleber @lisaannpetersonTGIF

Hello to Zooey who woke up way to early on Saturday morning with a bloody nose.First one up with a bloody nose. I don't think she has stopped talking since 6 am. Bring on the coffee for me #missz

Hello to slow Saturday morning snuggles with Ethan.Slow Saturday morning snuggles #myethan

Hello to a Saturday with zero plans! And my middle one #owenchristopher

Hello to kisses for Yia YiaYia yia and her boys

Hello to a vet visit for Sugar. She got some meds for her arthritis and drops for her eye but she is hanging in there.Sugar Dog went to the vet today to get meds for arthritis and drops for her eye and now she is exhausted chilling out on the living room floor #sugarthedog

Hello to Dimitri who went out to find a new toilet that doesn’t get clogged so easily …this should do the trick.Dimitri hit his limited with our low-flow toilet over flowing after one of the kids used it causing water to go all over the floor and into the basement that he went searching for a super flusher - he just sent me this pic from the hardware store so I thi

Hello to his team (ISU) beating Kansas in basketball. He was very excitedHappy husband . His team just beat Kansas #isu

Hello to nearly 50 degrees and melting snow!January thaw! #missz

Hello to this girl who wanted to have a snowball fight.
She wanted to have a snowball fight  #missz

Hello to them – I kinda like them.

Hello Monday. What are you saying Hello to on this Monday?

In case you wanted to know:

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1.16.15 | Happy Friday

Some photos from the week via my iPhone:

Her hand and my hand.Her hand my hand #missz



Above my fireplace right now:Slowly filling in empty spaces after taking down Christmas

At book club we drink wine. My  random  wine glasses! I am slowly trying to collect more of these Libbey Vina Stemless glasses!  I like that they are easy to just wash in the dishwasher!

Getting ready to host wine... I mean book club

The last 46 pages to my 2014 Project Life that have been printed! I ran out of page protectors (We R Memory Keepers Ring Page Protectors) so got to pick up some more and then I can call 2014 done!46 12x12 prints from @persnicketyprints to finish off my #projectlife 2014! #projectlifeapp

More lego buildingMore Legos!

Seriously love my Fitbit Flex
I feel like it deserves its own blog post review at some point. Officially obsessed with my Fitbit #fitbit


Back to dance class for Miss Z last night. With the holidays and last week it got canceled due to weather, we haven’t been there forever!Tonight we dance! #missz

My silly threeUntitled

That’s all I have! Happy Friday!!!
In case you wanted to know:

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1.15.14 | I’ve Been

Put a fork in it.. I am done with today.


I’ve been………..

          • Missing longer days.. I am ready for the sun not to set so early.
          • Hosting book club at my house. This month’s book was The Circle
          • I want to read this..Yes Please
          • Watching Downton Abbey (newest season) and old episodes of Friends on Netflix
          • Excited that Parks and Recreation is starting again!
          • Counting down days to something exciting
          • Putting the last pages of my 2014 Project Life into an album
          • Looking at buying this album for my 2015 PL: We R Memory Keepers Classic Leather 3-Ring Album – 15×13 inch, Aqua
          • Obsessed with my Fitbit Flex
          • Slowly filling in empty spaces in the house after the Christmas decorations have all been put away, but enjoying the clean slate.
          • Busy with work – always
          • Planning on having friends over this weekend
          • Happy that the temperature is on the rise after several days of below zero weather
          • Looking for some new music to listen to
          • Wanting to only drink warm liquids …coffee is winning, but i’ve also branched out to tea and apple cider.
          • crossing things off my to-do list
          • Using my iphone camera more than my DSLR
          • Thinking about my photo biz for 2015
          • Trying to plan a summer trip with the kiddos
          • Ready to start painting my mudroom
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1.14.15 | Pinspiration

Here are some things I have been pinning lately:


Words I like.   Have you signed up to receive  Dainelle LaPorte’s truth bombs?  You should!


I am really liking this rug…and that little stool.


And this chair!

I love this outfit. Especially the plaid leggings.

And this one… I think I could live in leggings and sweaters. Boots + scarfs are good too!

What have you been pinning? I love finding new people to follow on Pinterest. Leave a link to your Pinterest boards in the comments and I will follow you! You can find me here.

You can check out past Pinspiration posts here.

*If you would like to pin any of the images above, click on the image and link up to the original source. 
Happy Wednesday!


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