11.21.14 | Happy Friday

Happy Friday!!!  Here are some photos I took along the way this week:

Much needed hair cuts this week. And time to play school for a bit while waiting for Dad to finish getting his hair cut!Playing school #bostinelostrio

Zooey enjoying some pamperingZoZo getting pampered #missz

Yia Yia introducing Zooey to American girl dolls (eeek!)Yia yia introducing Zooey to American Girl Dolls #great #notreadyforthis #getreadysanta

And from Zooey’s dance class. It was family night…meaning the parents were able to go into the room (with cameras) and watch class! My Zooey is such a ham! It’s hard to find a moment when she is serious and not performing.

Papa and Grandma snuck into watch too!IMG_9878IMG_9810

That’s all I got! Happy Friday!!
In case you wanted to know:

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11.20.14 | November Birchbox



1.  Chau Chocolatier Assorted ChocoPod –  Anything made of chocolate is good in my book! Fun treat! These would be great gift for Christmas!



2.   Supergood Daily Correct CC Cream –  I really liked this product! Sunscreen, moisturizer, and a little tint of color.   It blends into the skin well and wasn’t too heavy! I have been using this as my foundation for the last few days!


3.  Folle de Joie eau de parfum – I’ve been using the same perfume since…forever ago. So trying a new scent is big for me.  At first I wasn’t sure – maybe too flowery for me. But after putting it on and going about my day, I would realize that I did like it! The scent became more subtle and added a touch of sweet.



4. ModelCo Party Proof Lipstick –  I have to admit that I wasn’t really crazy about the color I received.  I got the Get Naked, a classic neutral. And this pale skinned girl needs some color on her lips! The texture is nice and it does last a long time. I have used it as a base under other lip color and that seems to work well. I just wish I would have received one with color.


5.  dr. Brant pores no more vacuum cleaner –  This is a great face mask. It left my skin feeling very soft and clean! But not sure if it really sucked out those blackheads! eek!


6. Perlier Revitalizing Body Butter –  The smell of this lotion got me…it reminded me of something my grandmother would wear.  Not really in a good way.  But the lotion (other than the smell) goes on super smooth and not greasy.  It does a great job of moisturizing. I just wish the scent was a bit different.

So that was my November Birchbox! So much fun to try new products!  If you want to try Birchbox please feel free to use my referral link and then tell me what you think!

Happy Thursday!

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11.19.14 | Dressing Miss Z

Zooey’s November outfit from Fabkids!  The sweater is so fuzzy and soft! I wish there was a way you could feel it!  I did go up a size on the sweater because the last top we received from FabKids ran a little small.  However, the arms of the sweater are a little long on her. So we just rolled them up a few times. I am not sure about you, but I would rather have clothes for my kids a little big at first so they have room to grow! Sweater weather around here can run right into April – I know this sweater will stay with her!   The skirt with the stars. LOVE! And the little fringe boots she has worn everyday since we got them in the mail! So many compliments too!  Every time Zooey wears her Fabkid clothes people are always complimenting her cute outfits and asking where I shop!

If you don’t know about Fabkids, go check it out!  It’s super easy – you just go on and fill out a style profile for your little one.  Then at the first of every month they will send you some outfit choices via an email link. You can either select to purchase the outfit(s) or skip until the next month.  There are some great deals for just signing up for a VIP membership!

If you are interested in trying out FabKids,  feel free to use my referral link! It would be greatly appreciated!! :)

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Project Life 2014 | Week 45

Week 45 | November 2, 2014 – November 9, 2014

Week 45Week 45 Week 45
In case you wanted to know:

  •  I used the Project Life app to make these pages.  Still loving it!!  For me this works really, really well. It’s easy and convenient and I can make pages wherever I am at!
  •  And using Persnickity Prints to print the pages in size 12×12 !

I would love to hear from you! Please leave me any questions or comments below.

If you want to know more about my Project Life visit my Project Life Page.

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11.17.14 | Hello Monday

Hello Monday! Somehow I keep missing Friday’s post! So today I am saying hello to a few photos from last week also. Mostly I am saying hello to snow and winter. What?? It is November right?? But instead of complaining, us Iowan’s have to go out an enjoy it. My boys reminded me how last winter we barely got any snow and we didn’t go sledding or do any of the normal winter things we usually do. So snow in November – Hello! We welcome you and our snow boots, snow gloves, snow pants, and sleds.

Hello to my Tuesday lunch date.Lunch date ❤️

Hello to Owen who is a big ISU fan.Supporting his team this morning. #owenchristopher #isu

Hello to Zooey who isn’t used to the cold and snow yet.Zooey and I think this weather is for the polar bears! #brrr #reallynovember

Hello to this sign that I picked up at Jane.com . I very much am lacking Thanksgiving decorations around here.New little thanksgiving sign from Jane.com

Hello to my sweet boys.#bros #bostinelosbros #bff

Hello to late night editing photos for my side photo biz. Hello to feeling burnt out. Hello to a much-needed break here soon. Hello to almost being caught up. Hello to re-evaluating how I am going to do this next year so I don’t get so overwhelmed.Editing photos. My nightly spot when I am not running around doing 100 other things. I have to admit that I am struggling a bit with balancing the little side biz of mine and keeping up with the rest of life.  Finishing up the clients I have committed to

Hello winter??Seriously?? #boo #reallynovember

Hello tootsie roll nose.Tootsie roll nose #missz

Hello to date night! I bought Dimitri tickets to see the Better than Ezra concert at the Hard Rock back in July on this birthday. Some how the concert snuck up on us and we almost forgot about it! But glad we didn’t. It was a great show! Fun band! And good to have a date night.Tonight we celebrated Dimitri's July birthday by going to Better than Ezra @hardrockhotelsc !! So smart of me to get tickets months ago! #bte #hardrocksiouxcity @dimitri_bostinelos #happybirthday

Hello to snow coming soon.2 to 4 inches of snow coming this way today #reallynovember

Hello to shoveling.Let the shoveling begin! @dimitri_bostinelos

Hello to editing photos that took place just a few weeks ago in the peak of autumn while the snow is piling up outside my window.It might look like winter outside but my photo editing is clearly in the peak of autumn #loveoctober

Hello to Zooey who says “Mom, it looks like Frozen out here”"Mom it's like Frozen out here!" #pictapgo_app #missz

Hello to going to the movies on a snowy saturday.Walking in a winter wonderland

Hello to a record snow fall for us in November.#pictapgo_app good morning from the frozen land we call Iowa . Current temp -1 F with windchill it feels like -12F. It's going to be a long winter. #reallynovemberIMG_9627

Hello – we are going to need this.Hot Damn!! #itsreallycoldhere

Hello to kids who can’t get enough of the snow.

Hello to Sugar, she has always loved the snow.

Hello to Sunday sledding.IMG_0017IMG_0031IMG_9685IMG_9704IMG_9711IMG_9713IMG_9726IMG_9728IMG_9756IMG_9757IMG_9770IMG_9772IMG_9777IMG_9784IMG_9791IMG_9794IMG_9796IMG_9802IMG_9808IMG_9841IMG_9848IMG_9815IMG_9838IMG_9867IMG_9879IMG_9891IMG_9907IMG_9956IMG_9959IMG_9965IMG_9981IMG_9995IMG_0038IMG_0049IMG_0061IMG_0071IMG_0079

Hello to being silly while grocery shopping. I told Dimitri that we needed to stock up on syrup. “We elves stick to the four main food group: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup ” – ELFStocking up for the season... "We elves stick to the four main food group: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup " #elf #holybigsyrupbatman

Happy Monday! What are you saying Hello to on this Monday?


In case you wanted to know:

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