Halloween 2015

Catching up….Halloween happenings.

Parties and a costume parade at school:

Carving pumpkins with the grandparents..our annual tradition. IMG_5702IMG_5710UntitledIMG_5740IMG_5746IMG_5748IMG_5751IMG_5754IMG_5762IMG_5764IMG_5781IMG_5789IMG_5795  

And then there was a Halloween party… IMG_5811IMG_5817IMG_5828IMG_5835IMG_5852IMG_5860IMG_5862IMG_5866

And finally some trick-or-treating…. IMG_5875IMG_5887IMG_5900IMG_5914IMG_5922IMG_5939IMG_5941IMG_5961IMG_5975IMG_5982IMG_5992IMG_5994IMG_6016IMG_6020IMG_6037IMG_6044IMG_6048IMG_6074And a few from my iPhone..including ones from our grown-up party after trick-or-treating! Silly Ethan #myethanPumpkin games #owenchristopherStrange visitor at my office today.School party!! #missz @dimitri_bostinelosPizza before pumpkin carvingThis is my pumpkin costumeOur mouths are full of pizza #missz #andmeHappy Halloween from the Bostinelos family .. In the car on our way to a Halloween party!Happy Halloween from the Cat in the Hat and Waldo !Cat in the hat and the pimps.@lisaannpeterson

So much fun! Love Halloween!!

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10.23.15 | White + Blue + Grey

Do you ever look at your Pinterest Boards and start to see a theme arise?  Pinning home interior images is one of my favorite things to pin! Usually after the first of the year I am ready to dig into a home improvement project, even if that just means painting.  Based on my Pinterest board I am pretty sure my project will include some white, some blue and some grey.

Here is what I have been pinning:

Blue doors, white trim, grey siding. Yes please!

Big grey comfy couch.



So much to love about this room.


I love this bed with the white, grey and blacks!

This rug:


What color combo have you’ve been drawn to lately?

You can see all my home interior pins over here.

Happy Friday!


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Halloween at Hillview

Last year we checked out an event called Halloween at Hillview.  Hillview is a county park not far away from us.  For the last camping weekend of the season they put on event where kids can dress up and trick-or-treat around the campground.  You can see my photos from last year here.

We had so much fun last year, we decided to go again this year, but this year we also camped and handed out candy! Our friend’s the Peterson’s joined us for the trick-or-treating.  Here are some photos.

IMG_2878IMG_2901IMG_2935Some of the camp sites really go all-out with the decorating!IMG_3008IMG_2885


That’s my Ethan behind that mask!IMG_2912IMG_2919IMG_2921IMG_2924IMG_2934IMG_2940IMG_2944IMG_2950IMG_2954IMG_2963IMG_2969IMG_2980IMG_2982IMG_2987IMG_2998IMG_3010IMG_3014IMG_3020IMG_3023IMG_3030IMG_3035

The kids are geared up for trick-or-treating on Halloween night! They told me that this was just a warm up for the real thing!

Love this time of year!

Happy Haunting!

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The Pumpkin Patch

Our annual visit to the pumpkin patch! This year we ran into friends from school/church which made the visit even better!





My hunky husband chillin’ out on the bench while the kids play.

I love that all three of them are still really into the pumpkin patch. I know that these years are limited and I am soaking it all in.


Although with Ethan…I see the pre-teen attitude creeping out here and there. But he is a good boy, even if he won’t smile for my photos.IMG_2710IMG_2717IMG_2723IMG_2732IMG_2737IMG_2743IMG_2749IMG_2753IMG_2757IMG_2771IMG_2773IMG_2780IMG_2786IMG_2791IMG_2797IMG_2801IMG_2814

The corn maze! The boys were moving fast…and Zooey was interested in the corn.



And another year of the pumpkin patch done!


A few from my iPhone:

PicMonkey Collage PUmpkin patch 2015Here are some photos from past years: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 Happy Pumpkin Patching!

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Field Time

Saturday mornings you can find us at the sports field.  Zooey’s first year playing soccer.  She is doing fairly well. Some games she is into more than other games. Kids at this age playing soccer are funny.  I am just happy she got out there and tried something new.IMG_9237





And Mr. Owen playing flag football. He had his choice to do flag or tackle football this year and he decided to stay with flag. By 4th grade (next year), if he wants to keep playing he will have to get his tackle gear on (eek!). 

My sweet Ethan – not so much into sports, and that’s OK. He has other wonderful talents. And if later he decides he want to try a sport out – that is great too. Whatever my kids decide to do, I will be the mom in the corner cheering all my kids on with a camera in my hand! 


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The Last of Summer

Photos from Labor Day weekend…

We made a last-minute decision to head to the lake on Labor Day weekend for one last summer adventure.


Mimi getting braver and braver with the water.
IMG_9050The kids jumping over wavesIMG_9057IMG_9060IMG_9061IMG_9070IMG_9075IMG_9090IMG_9102

Time together and jumping off the dock.. love that the simple things are so much fun. 


A little bit of playground time …wet hair and bathing suits


Back at the campsite 


Owen found a video game friend at the campsite:IMG_9217

There was actually a lot of rain this weekend – we did make it to the beach a couple of time but the rest of the weekend we spent hanging out in the camper.IMG_9219

A large storm cloud from across the lakeIMG_9222Zooey had me put on songs from the Little Mermaid and she pretending to be Ariel. Silly little girl.


Morning Sun.IMG_9232And a few from my iPhone:labor day weekend

As I post this I realize that our days at the lake are now far away… we are getting ready to store the camper for the winter.  Although we did manage to sneak in one more trip to the Lake in mid-September and had fun the past weekend celebrating Halloween a few weeks early at a local campground…I hope to post those photos soon!

Happy Monday!

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Ethan’s 11th Birthday

Way back in the beginning of September my first baby boy turned 11! Perhaps if I don’t blog it means that it didn’t happen? But it did  happen regardless of my lack of blogging immediately after the big day. Like every mother who has a child that turns a year older, I gasped and say “I can’t believe it” and “Wasn’t he a baby just yesterday??” .

For his 11th Birthday we had dinner with the family at Red Lobster, followed by cake and presents.  The day after his birthday he had some of his friends over for a sleepover.






















And just like that he turned 11. I think 11 is going to be very cool.

And that concludes the 2015 Birthday season.  Time to put away the cake and ice cream and welcome all things pumpkin spice. :)

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The Dog Park

Mimi the Wonder Dog is keeping us active around here.  I forgot how crazy a little puppy is! How much energy!  We’ve been doing daily walks. It is not unusual for Mimi to get at least 2 if not 3 walks in one day. Good for her, good for us (good for everything in our house that she wants to chew on). It is a win, win.  Besides walks, another place Mimi loves to go is the dog park! We hadn’t visited the dog park with Sugar because she was aggressive with other dogs.  I am hoping this won’t be the case for Miss Mimi. We are doing our best to socialize her with lots of people and dogs while she is a pup.  The dog park was a big hit, with everyone! I decided that it is impossible not to smile while at the dog park. Our whole family would agree. We had a blast.


Everyone had fun with Mimi and the other dogs at the park.
IMG_7484IMG_7500IMG_7534IMG_7532IMG_7522IMG_7514IMG_7490IMG_7488IMG_7477IMG_7466IMG_7456IMG_7449IMG_7448IMG_7446IMG_7437IMG_7434IMG_7436 Run Mimi, run! 


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Good Friends and Great Times At the Lake

I am a bit behind on posting photos from this summer’s adventures! And we are still busy creating more memories and taking more adventures. It’s all happening faster than I can post, which is a good thing! Got to soak it all in before the warm weather is no more.

So part of our summer adventures include the purchase of a new to us pop-up camper. We found it on Craig’s List.  Unbeknownst to us, it had issues – we had to take it to the RV repair shop not once but twice.  But once we got it up and going – SO much fun! It’s not fancy, but it has A/C, electricity and no more sleeping on the ground! I love the idea of making so many family memories and going on great adventures with our little pop-up!

Our first adventure wasn’t too far away – but still great! Of course good friends and plenty of time at the lake made it even better.

Our little camper — please note the wooden pole keeping one side up…ah yeah, that was one of the issues. But it has now been fixed.

IMG_7144And good friends who showed us the ropes of pop-up camping. IMG_7145

Mimi’s first camping adventure….she loved it!

I love the site of chairs all around the fire.IMG_7148

And cute kiddos enjoying breakfast outside:
IMG_7155And getting into mischief at the campsite:IMG_7159IMG_7164IMG_7169IMG_7173IMG_7179IMG_7181IMG_7191IMG_7194IMG_7199IMG_7203IMG_7211I love being by the water! Water = happy place. IMG_7196

Mimi wasn’t too sure about the water. She liked to jump around near the water and bite the incoming waves…but she wasn’t ready to jump in.

We spent most of our day hanging out on the beach, building sand castles, kayaking and jumping on a giant foam pad that we rented for the day. It was a perfect summer day.


Zooey was the only girl with 7 boys!!


Mimi went out in the kayak…and then she jumped out and swam to shore!!  We haven’t been able to get her to swim since.IMG_7327

After swimming we headed to the Barefoot Bar – where dogs and kids are allowed (yeah!) and then back to the campsite for s’mores (not pictured) —and then everyone crashed.  A sign of a very good day.

A few from my iphone:


Okoboji camping August 2015 PicMonkey Collage

Yay to a successful camping trip and out new little pop-up camper! Expect to see a few more adventures before the snow starts flying.

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8.24.15 | Back to School

Today was the first day of school for the kiddos! And for one year, and one year only, we have all three kids in the same school! Yeah!

Hello to 5th, 3rd and Transitional Kindergarten (TK)

Here are some photos from the drop off.


The boys were off and running when we got to school! They don’t need Mom & Dad to walk them to the playground to line up!
IMG_8114Little Miss Z, well this was her first day at the big school! She did awesome! She wasn’t nervous at all. She has been waiting for this day! To finally go to the big school with her brothers!


I did sneak over to the big kid playground and got a  photo of my two clowns…the boys then told me to get lost. HA! IMG_8129IMG_8135

Zooey waited patiently for the bell to ring and her teacher to lead them in for the first day.IMG_8159When your last name starts with “B” you get to be in front of the line. Which was very exciting to Zooey!IMG_8162

And off she went to be a big girl.IMG_8173


I only teared up a little.


One last final peek at the boys who were making their way into the school. Owen at least looked my way. Ethan just kept walking… And I took his photo anyway. Oh 5th graders. So funny.


Reports from all three that the first day was a good day! I didn’t expect anything less. And another one down in the books.

1st Day of School 2015.

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