2016 Family Photos

I am a big fan of the family photo session! No surprise there, right?   This year we had my friend Jessica from Wildflower Photography take our photos!  She is wonderful and if any of my local friends are looking for a photographer, I highly recommend Jessica!

We had so much fun running around downtown to do these photos.  She got so many good ones! Here are just some of my favorites:

Family Photos 2016
Family Photos 2016

Family Photos 2016
Family Photos 2016
Family Photos 2016
Family Photos 2016
Family Photos 2016
Family Photos 2016
Family Photos 2016
Family Photos 2016
Family Photos 2016
Family Photos 2016Family Photos 2016
Family Photos 2016
Family Photos 2016Family Photos 2016
Family Photos 2016
Family Photos 2016
Family Photos 2016
Family Photos 2016
Family Photos 2016
Family Photos 2016
Family Photos 2016
Family Photos 2016
Family Photos 2016
Family Photos 2016
Family Photos 2016
Family Photos 2016
Family Photos 2016
Family Photos 2016
Family Photos 2016
Family Photos 2016
Family Photos 2016

Thank you Jessica for taking photos of my crazy family and all their funny personalities! You did awesome! I will treasure these forever!

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Hello October

We are soaking in all things Fall around here. Pumpkin spice everything, mums, pumpkins, fall decorations, and candy corn! Got to love this time of year.

Mimi’s ready for trick-or-treating!
Mimi is ready to trick-or-treat! #mimidog

I don’t know what Zooey is ready for, but it’s going to be awesome!What's going on at your house. Because we have this happening. #missz

I’ve been holding on to the flowers as long as I can…and added some mums for good measure.Inside looking out

Mimi is looking for squirrels
squirrel!!! #mimidog

I came home from a night work meeting to find the Minecraft convention in Owen’s room. Appetizers include eating Lucky Charms right out of the box.
I came home from work tonight to find a Minecraft convention going on in Owen's room.

I actually turned on my seat warmer one night after one of Owen’s football games! It must be Fall!Not only did I break out the boots today but turned on the seat warmer . 🙀

There has been a lot of time at football. At first Owen didn’t like it, but he is getting into it now. This photo is from my phone, but I’ve been trying to take my big camera out to get some good shots. (foreshadowingMore football tonight!!

Actually September was fairly warm around here – I was excited to have a cool enough day to get out my favorite boots!Feels like Fall today so I broke out the boots 💛💛💛 #autumnstyle

Enough Mimi photos? Never! I call this “Begging”.Begging #mimidog

My work schedule continues to be crazy and I am slowly starting to accept that this maybe the new normal. One day I couldn’t get away for lunch so my dear husband brought me lunch – in Zooey’s lunchbox! How cute is that!When my husband brings me lunch in Zooey lunch bag ❤️

Zooey all dressed up for a birthday tea party! She came up with the pose on her own. #poser
Dressed up for a tea party! #missz

There has been a lot of soccer this Fall also. She complains about going, but once she gets there she loves it! And already has gotten a bunch of goals! Ready for her soccer ⚽️ game! #missz

Soccer – photos with my big camera!

She is smiling because she just got a goal!

More football (phone camera)Football 🏈 Saturday #owenchristopher #starsyouthfootball #northstars

Big camera photos:

Owen is Number 14! The 4th graders only play 1/2 the field, that's why there are so many kids on the field. The 3rd graders are usually playing at the same time on the other side of the field. That kinda threw me off for a bit!IMG_3918IMG_3936IMG_3941IMG_3949IMG_3952IMG_3997IMG_4023

Owen is such a cool kid. I'll keep him.

We hosted a game night at our house in September. The kids ran around crazy and we play Cards Against Humanity and try not to say anything bad when a kid within earshot. 11:30 and we are still up! And so are the kids!

We also played Battle of the Sexes. The Women were victorious over the Men's team. However, this game needs an overhaul as most of the questions assumed that women were 1950 housewives. To say the least, I didn't answer many questions! My domestic skills are lacking! I am apparently better at the game where you make inappropriate matches!  Game night. battle of the sexes. The men's team working hard but the women's team won!!

This is the meeting after church and after Sunday school - where we let them sit in a corner and geek out to video games.
Good boys in church and Sunday school get a little video game time!

Sunday snuggles:Sunday snuggles

We went to Red Lobster to celebrate Yia Yia's birthday. Owen didn't want to get any butter on his new shirt, hence the napkin!Owen's ready to eat!

Ethan was all about the crab legs!
Crab legs for Ethan

Why does everyone think its fun to take photos of me lighting the candles?Another birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday Yia Yia! We are now on a birthday cake break until after Christmas! 2016 Birthday season was a success!Happy Birthday Yia Yia

Zooey working on riding her bike without training wheels. She hasn't figured it out yet, but she has a good attitude and determined!Bike ride training. #missz

So this happened on a windy day when we forgot to close the umbrella 🙁 So that happened today 😬

When I just want to lay in bed and veg-out to TV and the dog isn't having it.When you are ready to chill in bed and watch tv and the dog isn't down with the plan. #mimidog

So many evening meetings and traveling for work, that when I do have an evening free I feel a bit lost.A night without any plans??!! We don't know what to do with ourselves!

More football photos?? OK!
Stars vs Woodbury Central
Stars vs Woodbury Central

Stars vs Woodbury Central

Stars vs Woodbury Central

I had a Mom fail recently. Somehow I forgot that Zooey had school photos. The girl that wears a dress 99% of the time, wore a unicorn t-shirt and shorts to school on photo day. Oops! I am hoping for a second chance for photo make-up day. She is still cute, even in this unicorn shirt! And maybe I will keep the photos?!!Mom fail -I forgot it was picture day at Zooey's school! And the girl normally wears a dress 90% of the time. But today she rocked a unicorn shirt. So when she is a senior in HS and they compare her senior picture to her kindergarten picture we will fore

We are off to the Chamber Annual Dinner. I wore a red dress. He picked a tie that matched. #weareTHATcouple HA! I don't care, it was cute! We are off to the Siouxland Chamber dinner!

Here is just some of my staff at the Chamber Dinner. They are a great team! Just some of my wonderful staff @simpcocog . One year ago I was asked to lead this organization. It's been a crazy year! So much good has happened ! It hasn't all been easy and not possible without @dimitri_bostinelos and my family. So many have stepped

Mimi cuddles can happen any time, any place. Even on the kitchen floor on a Friday night.TGIF

I might have purchased a pumpkin at the grocery store. It might have been 86 degrees this day. My pumpkin didn't mind. 86 degrees but I bought a pumpkin and mums so it's Fall right!?

Our Saturday's have been so crazy with soccer and football! Sometimes we have to divide and conquer just to get it all done. This was one of those days. Dimitri was giving Owen a big hug before we left for his game. (heart melt) It's a divide and conquer type of day. Owen gets a big hug from @dimitri_bostinelos before we head out to his game. ❤️

I might have added a filter or two??!!!
Football Saturday #starsyouthfootball #northstars

Owen asked if he could take a selfie in his new hat. The kid has some mad selfie skills, right?!! LOL! This might be my favorite selfie ever. Owen's selfie skills are funny. 😂 #owenchristopher . It's also hot out but he had to try out his new hat! #northstars

Did you think I wouldn't have MORE football photos??!!

Stars vs I29ers 9.24.16

Stars vs I29ers 9.24.16

Stars vs I29ers 9.24.16

Stars vs I29ers 9.24.16

Stars vs I29ers 9.24.16

Stars vs I29ers 9.24.16

Stars vs I29ers 9.24.16

Stars vs I29ers 9.24.16

Stars vs I29ers 9.24.16

Stars vs I29ers 9.24.16

Stars vs I29ers 9.24.16

Stars vs I29ers 9.24.16

Dimitri and I might have snuck out of the house for a pumpkin spice latte.  I can't stop, won't stop with the pumpkin spice!We escaped the house to get coffee #psl #starbucks #minidate

This is our wild and crazy Saturday night.This is Saturday night.

My Dad gave Dimitri his vintage Iowa State glasses. They get used here frequently.Vintage ISU glasses from @rcoacher . Hopefully the game next weekend that @dimitri_bostinelos and I attend is a winner like this week's game! #isu #iowastatecyclones

Dimitri was out on the patio when he heard a big crack and a huge branch fell right by him. It landed on the neighbors house!When the neighbor's tree loses a branch but luckily did fall on our new fence. RIP old fence that got crushed at least two other times. 😬 #bigtreehazards #windy

One pumpkin turned into two pumpkins! Same thing happened when I had kids! Must mean a third pumpkin is on the way!The pumpkins are multiplying 💛💛

Zooey and I made chocolate chip cookies.
Making chocolate chip cookies with Mom. #missz

She learned that it is not a good idea to turn the mixer on high with all of the flour unmixed! Zooey turned the mixer on high and flour went all over! 😆

I got my suitcase out to pack for a trip...opened the suitcase to realize, I never unpacked from the last trip! I also don't fold my clothes very well for the return trip home. AND I had been looking for those shoes!Went to pack my suitcase and realized I never unpacked fully from the last trip. #workingmom #backontheroadtomorrow #ididntfoldanyofthis 😬 #foundmyshoes

Did you watch this??? Oh boy! I won't go into a political rant but there will be no voting for Mr. Trump by me. And please don't tell me if you are voting for him, because I may never be able to talk to you again.Watching the great debate #debates2016

This was my crazy night away in my hotel room!On the road for work watching the debate from my hotel room. What I learned from the debate is what I already knew, there is no way I could vote for Trump. #notgoingtohappen #debates2016

And because I was taking photos of what I was watching... have you watched this show??!! I think its becoming my new favorite! I can't wait to see more.
Second night of what I am watching. Back at home. "This is Us" is on the TV. And my favorite hubby by my side . ❤️

I like him.
When you have a 3 hour road trip and you discover photos on your phone you never posted. #latergram

On our way to school - it must have been chilly because the hats are out!It must be chilly out. They have their hats on this morning!

Dimitri thinks my pumpkin spice obsession is out of control. So I sent him a photo of my PSL and my PS Life Cereal. It's a thing, and it's good! Have you seen this video? I relate to every video this family makes. ALL OF THEM! @dimitri_bostinelos . In the cup... Pumpkin Spice. In the bag, pumpkin spice Life Cereal. 🎃 #pumpkinspiceeverything #happyfall

Blurry because she is dancing!Blurry because she is dancing! #missz

Youngest and OldestMy Oldest and Youngest ❤️❤️

Last Friday the kids didn't have school, so my parents and I took them to Vala's Pumpkin Patch which is not a normal pumpkin patch. This is an all day event. It's awesome.We had a good day but missed @dimitri_bostinelos 💛😢Day off of school and work. We are on a little adventure!

Not too big for the pumpkin patch and his grandparents! #myethan

I was in pumpkin heaven!
Be warned I am in pumpkin heaven and you are about to be overloaded with pumpkin patch photos. #youvebeenwarned

This is the kid's favorite part - the Haunted Farmhouse!! We went through it twice! But no one was brave enough to go into the basement!!
Their favorite attraction!

The only kid that is still learning to read stuck her head in this one! The other two didn't find it funny.
I could only convince her to put her head in here. Probably because she is just learning to read and didn't get it. Lol 😂

My Dad is very silly.Grandma, what big teeth you have!

Go stick your head in that hole and smile!Go stick your head in that hole and smile.

This goat liked me:This goat wanted to come home with me. Must know that @dimitri_bostinelos is the goat whisper.

The kids wanted to check everything out! I don't know if we even saw everything! It's that big!Checking everything out!

We headed out to do this awesome corn maze, but we didn't get to far when Ethan decided that we should head back!How cool is this corn maze?Here we are!

We didn't make far in the maze! Ethan got scared and we headed back!

We decided to test or strength was a better option for us weenies! Turns out we are weenies!
How strong is Owen?
Turns out I am not very strong 😳

Ethan's turn!

The big slide! Always a popular spot at Vala's!Zooey and I on the big slide!It was a race! Owen won!

Tick-tac-toe anyone? Zooey beat Ethan! Tic-tac-toe!

Lunch of champions:Lunch of champions

This big yellow barn was new to us at Vala's. Inside is 3 levels of air compressed guns and cannons and nerf like balls! It was SO FUN! The kids said that it was their favorite part! I can't even explain how cool it is! Inside this yellow barn is awesome! Three stories of air compressed shooters and nerf like balls!! It's crazy !Inside the yellow barn!

The Chicken Piano - yes, please! Check out the names of the chickens? Too funny!It's a chicken piano!UntitledUntitled

Pink tractor alert!Pink tractor!! #missz

Zooey ripped her pants right on her bottom during this photo! Fence + leggings = big hole!Group shot!

Good thing she has no shame and didn't care about that big ol' hole that showed her undies as she jumped away the afternoon!Got to jump! #missz

The boys like to jump too!The boys on the big kid jump pillow! #bostinelosbros

Off to the go-carts!Owen go carting!

Taking a much needed rest and cooling down on the train!We're on a train!

Good effort, but she needs some height for this one!Good effort but you need some height kid! #missz

Zooey talked me into buying her this unicorn horn.
Went to the pumpkin patch, brought home a unicorn 😂 #missz

I just wanted to try it on.
Do you think it works with the hat?

It was a great day! But we missed Dimitri who was busy working!Great Day!Mandatory photo in the big chairMy parents!

The next day I was on the road with my parents again - but this time we left the kids at home and took Dimitri! Off to Ames, Iowa to see Iowa State Cyclones Football!On the road again! This time to the ISU football game! #gocyclones2nd road trip of the weekend! #gocyclonesWe've arrived

Dimitri got us 4th row seats! We were sitting behind the opposing team, but fun to see the action up close nevertheless! 4th Row! #gocyclones

Turns out that ISU lost the game by a field goal! Bummer! But it was a fun game and I am glad we went! Grrrr!

Sometimes you just don't ask questions. Just laugh, take a photo and walk away.Master Chief wearing costume, wearing a stocking cap, watching videos on the computer. #owenchristopher 😂Zooey and her friend, Harper enjoying a warm fall day! Harper is super girl and Zooey says she is a !!! 😂

Pokemon time!
Pokémon time!

Zooey helped me decorate:


Time for flu shots! Don't they look excited. The boys convinced their sister to go first in order to see if she would cry. That is love right there. She didn't cry, because she is a champ! #girlpowerDon't they look excited for flu shots?!!

Zooey is still in dance this year! I just don't get to take her to class as often 🙁
Dance night! With so many meetings and travel I don't get to take her as much! 😢 but tonight my schedule was open! 😀

It's hard to tell in this photo - but just in time for autumn weather, my hair is a bit darker with red highlights! Fancy! Got my fall hair on. A little darker and a touch of red for fun!

Ethan is taking an art class after school one day during the week and he loves it! I like to see him smile and he makes awesome art work! Ethan at his Art Class! Thanks @donna_be ! He is having a blast!

Tonight is dark, cold and raining - but I have the fire on and it's cozy in here!Untitled

That's all I got! Have a good one!

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September 5, 2016 to September 11, 2016

September 4,2016 to September 11, 2016

Push play above to see photos and videos from the week.*

*Note: Please ignore the September 4 date on the video – I forgot about Labor Day! So really this is photos and videos from September 5 to September 11.

Things to remember from the week:

  • Owen had a huge melt down about going to football practice on Tuesday.  But he did get his jersey with his name on it – so that is cool!
  • Zooey’s new My Little Pony dress, which is the cutest (find it at TARGET!)
  • I was on the road a lot last week for work.  I logged a total of 980 miles! Thank goodness for Facetime and being able to chat when I am gone.
  • Hotel life meant sitting in bed, watching TV and responding to emails at 9 pm
  • Zooey thinks it’s funny to sleep in my spot when I am gone from home.
  • Thursday night we saw a different side of Owen at practice – he was smiling and having fun!
  • I made a pit stop home on Thursday, enough time to unpack my bag, only to head back on the road super early on Friday morning.
  • Zooey with inflatable feet for Fashion Friday. HA!
  • Friday night I crashed on the couch and vegged out to movies.
  • Zooey started soccer this week! Friday practice and her first game on Saturday. She scored two goals at the game!
  • Owen had his first football game on Saturday as well. He did awesome!
  • Saturday was the Iowa vs Iowa State game.  If you have hung around this blog long enough you will know that we are a divided house. Well actually, everyone in my house cheers for ISU and I am the black and gold sheep of the family!
  • Sunday school started this week for the kiddos!
  • And Dimitri and I spent the afternoon in the yard working on our landscaping which needs lots of help!
  • A weekend wouldn’t be complete with a trip to the Home Depot.  I keep buying mums. Can’t get enough of them this season!

That’s all for this week! Have a good one!


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August 22, 2016 to September 5, 2016

August 22, 2016 to August 28, 2016

(Push play above to see photos and video from the week of August 22, 2016 to August 28, 2016 )

Things to remember:

  • Back to School Night!  The night before the first day of school; a chance to meet the teachers, find lockers, go over schedules and drop of school supplies.  This year was different from the last, instead of one school to visit we now had 3 and 2 hours to get it all done! Challenge accepted!
  • After back to school night (which went well) the anxiety in the house was thick. Both boys were in tears, anxious about both starting at new schools, without each other.  There was a lot of reassuring and telling them that everything was going to be fine. So many people asked me if I was upset about Zooey starting kindergarten!!??  No way! Zooey was at her school from last year,  it did have a little facelift this year, but it still feels very familiar.  And if you met Zooey you would know, the girl is not lacking confidence.
  • The first day of school went great.  Ethan starts school earlier than the other two, so he was out the door before them – but not without some first day of school photos!
  • Both boys love their new school and all those nervous feelings were gone for the 2nd day of school.
  • At home…making slime, silly games withe Mimi, scenes from the dinner table with little boys who never wear shirts.
  • Football practice for Owen this week. He is pumped to have his pads and helmet!
  • Last sand volleyball game! The tournament, we lost! But we had FUN. So that all that matters.
  • Aunt Cindy was in town from Arizona! Cindy and Ethan share the same birthday, so we celebrated a few days early!
  • A trip to Home Depot. Do the home improvement projects ever stop around here?
  • A night out with friends! We saw the band Mallrats! It’s a 90s cover band, which was so much fun. What can I say , I am a 90’s girl! Pearl Jam cover songs? Yes, please!
  • Little Miss Z and her videos – she cracks me up

August 29, 2016 to September 5, 2016

(Push play above to see photos and videos from August 29, 2016 to September 5, 2016)

Things to Remember:

  • Zooey recieved a birthday gift from her Nouno and Nouna (God parents) delivered to the door. She was very excited!
  • Since school started, our evenings are so busy! Football practice for Owen and dance class for Miss Z. Throw some night meetings for work  and book club in there for me – and we have entered crazy, run around town USA.
  • Back to the Hard Rock this week – we seem to be regulars around there (not sure that is a good thing!!???) But there was a funny comedian we wanted to see so we grabbed some friends for dinner before the show and made a night out of it.  It was so funny! Very much worth going out on a Wednesday night. I still have yet to win the jackpot at the casino, but that might be because I hang out a the penny slots. HA!
  • Ethan came to visit me at work this week after he got out of school. I love visitors! I also accidentally took his tablet with me to work, and it was in my purse (oops!). Ah – the real reason for his visit!  I don’t care, maybe I should take more things of his to work with me to ensure more visits?? 🙂
  • I purchased myself a new Hawkeye shirt – so I wore it for the rest of the week just for good measure.  I am pretty sure it was good luck and that is why the Hawkeys won the game on Saturday. At least that is what I am telling myself.
  • Ethan’s actual birthday was on Saturday.  Per his request we had the Grandparents over for lunch and he opened some gifts.  He is very into the Halo Megablocks sets. He received enough sets as gifts to keep him busy building all weekend! One set has over 2000 pieces and with Dimitri, it took them 3 days to complete it!
  • The rest of Saturday included sitting on the couch watching football until nearly 11 pm. I needed a day like that!
  • Saturday football also included a t-shirt change from me. I had to switch over to my Cyclone shirt to watch ISU . In hindsight, maybe I should have kept that lucky Hawkeye shirt on! Eeek ISU! What happened??!!
  • Mimi the sleepy dog – crashed out from all the excitement of football watching.
  • On Sunday there were mums on my front porch and pumpkin spice in my cup. Although I am sad to see summer coming to and end, I love the feeling of fall creeping in.
  • Sunday was Ethan’s birthday party with his friends.  He had a swimming party. Too bad the weather wasn’t so great – but the kids didn’t care and we had the pool to ourselves!
  • Zooey told me that she was 1/2 monster and 1/2 princess.   I think she might be correct on that one.
  • On Monday, Ethan finished up his building sets and was ready to spend some birthday cash and gift cards at Target.  We spent the morning doing errands around town including to Lowe’s to buy more mums and the furniture store – because thats fun to do on Labor Day, right?
  • We spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool for one last dip. The last day the pool was open for the summer (sigh). It was warm but that sun did not want to come out! We made the best out of it anyway. And with a few final jumps off the diving board we official said goodbye to summer 2016 – it was a good one.

Hello Fall 2016, can’t wait for all the fun to begin!




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August 15 , 2016 to August 21, 2016

August 15, 2016 to August 21, 2016

Push play above to see photos and videos from the week of August 15, 2016  to August 21, 2016.

Things to remember from the week:

  • Owen is playing tackle football this year, the first few practices he wasn’t sure. But this week he had great time! I think he likes spending time with his friends more than anything.
  • Zooey managed to sneak into our bed twice this week!  I don’t sleep so well when kids (and dog!) are in the bed.
  • Zooey and Yia Yia selfie
  • Ethan and Ally turtle – he loves that turtle
  • Dimitri and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary!  It was on a Wednesday night, so nothing too exciting. We went to dinner and then saw Pete’s Dragon.  We did have the theater all to ourselves, not one other person in the entire theater but us! So we made-out in the front row.  And then talked really loud.  And I used my phone.  We broke all the movie theater etiquette rules.  Because we could. HA!   We ended our date at Walmart.  That’s what happens when you are married for 14 years.
  • Thursday night was sand volleyball night.   It’s tournament time, we lost…. losers bracket game this week.
  • Friday Dimitri I had a lunch date at Food Truck Friday downtown
  • Friday night I went out with friends for pizza and then to see Bad Moms.  Which was SO FUNNY! Have you seen this?  It’s a must see!
  • Saturday was errands with Princess Zooey.  Then Zooey and I hit the party scene. First a baby shower and then my Mom’s birthday! Two parties = two cakes. Score!
  • After leaving her front tooth dangle for more than a week, Zooey finally let Dimitri pull it out.  She looks so cute with no front teeth!
  • We ended our weekend with a pool day! The weather was perfect! I have to soak up these summer days!  Tonight I’ve been busy packing backpacks full of school supplies as school open houses are tomorrow night and school starts on Tuesday!

That’s it for this week!

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14 Years Married

Push play above to see photos and a few videos from the past year.

Today marks 14 years married! It’s hard to believe that much time as gone by! This year I learned that marriage is hard, that communication is key, and to never stop having fun.  There is no other man who I would want to share this crazy life adventure with. I am so glad you are mine.  

Happy 14 years Mr. Bostinelos!  I can’t wait for the rest of forever!

love, love, love,


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August 8, 2016 – August 14, 2016


Push play above to see videos and photos from the week of August 8 to August 14, 2016

Things to remember from this week:

  • Mimi celebrated her 1 year anniversary of being adopted by us!
  • The kids being crazy as always. I don’t want the summer to end, but yet I am getting ready for them to be in a routine!
  • Zooey has another loose tooth. Top front – she won’t take it out and it is just dangling there!
  • I worked a lot this week (no photos of that). But I put in 10 to 12 hour days the entire week.  Being on vacation is good, catching up is hard.
  • We were supposed to play volleyball on Thursday night but it got rained out, I wasn’t to upset to have an evening with no plans.
  • We are loving our new floors!
  • Friday night I tried to crash in my bed with a glass of wine and Netflix, but my family was determined to spend time with me! First Dimitri laid next to me and made me laugh. Then Owen decided that I must get out of bed and play old school Nintendo with him. Which I did – and it was fun!  They let me crash later.
  • Saturday was all about catching up on 3 weeks worth of laundry and sorting through school supplies!
  • We ended Saturday with an outing for frozen yogurt (froyo!) and a trip to Home Depot with the kids, which is an adventure in itself!
  • Sunday, I declared a pool day. Got to soak in these last days of summer!

Have a great week!


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July 31, 2016 – August 7, 2016

Push play above to see photos and videos from the week of July 31 – August 7, 2016 (eek! Please ignore typo on the date in the video – unless it is indeed 2106!!)

Looking back at the last few week’s photos and videos, I can see why I am exhausted and behind! We’ve been busy! Here is what I want to remember from this week in 2016.

  • We came home for 24 hours in between our trip to Minnesota and flying out to Denver.  Just enough time to pack and unpack and catch a plane.
  • I was going to Denver for a work conference. Dimitri tagged along for fun!
  • I accidentally booked our tickets wrong and he was in the seat behind me on the plane! LOL!
  • We stayed in downtown Denver, which I don’t think I’ve ever been.
  • After a week of flip flops, swim suits and lake hair – it was kinda nice to get dressed up again!
  • We got to see our good friends Anne & Josh with Uncle Tony one night for dinner. We ate at this great taco place across from Union Station. Tacos are always good!
  • I was at the conference during the day, Dimitri was able to work remotely from the hotel room.  There was more working than not working on this trip, especially considering we were coming off a week’s vacation. But that’s OK – it was nice to spend some alone time with Mr. Bostinelos!
  • We went to dinner one of the nights with my friends Michael Ann (+ Adam) and Trisha. It was a great Italian place that I highly recommend if you are ever in Denver.
  • I came home to find Harry Potter and the Cursed child on my doorstep!
  • Poor Mimi was at the kennel for almost 2 weeks. It was good to get her home!
  • Miss Zooey turned 6 this week! We celebrated with a birthday donut the morning of her birthday, went to Chuck E. Cheese the night of her birthday followed by cake and presents with the grandparents.  On Sunday Zooey had a pool party with her friends. It was a birthday extravaganza!
  • Speaking of birthdays, Owen cashed in his birthday money to buy a Gecko, named Treko. Yes another living thing has entered this house. Wish us luck!
  • Ethan lost his very first baby tooth! The tooth fairy realizing this was the last one, up the trade to $5!
  • Zooey lost a tooth also! Top front, she looks adorable without teeth.
  •  We got a new washing machine. Unplanned (boo!).   The day before we left for Minnesota we knew the washer was on its last leg. We somehow managed to get it to run a few more loads and it got us through from one trip to the next. But the cost to repair it wasn’t worth the value, so hello new appliance.  I was so excited to do laundry (I know, crazy)!  I had a week worth’s of lake clothes x 5 people and laundry from our trip to Denver. The guys came to hook up the new machine last Saturday, and…. the pipe was leaky and we had to call a plumber, who couldn’t come until Monday (sigh).  #laundrydrama
  • The kids had been begging us to see Life with Pets, so we finally had the chance to take them last Saturday night.  We all loved it!
  • Otherwise, we are just living life, and happy to be home! We are trying to soak up the rest of summer, get ready for school to start and doing a major catch-up at home and at work!

More later!


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July 23, 2016 – July 30, 2016

Push play above to see photos and videos from our week at the lake!

There is something about this time of year that is SO busy! In a wonderful, got to cram it all in before the end of summer type of way.  But I am more likely to get behind because of all fun we are having!  So in an effort to catch up,  above are the photos and videos from our week at the lake in Park Rapids, Minnesota.

Things to remember from the week:

  • The road trip up to Minnesota, seemed quiet since we put the boys in Grandma and Papa’s car.  But then 20 minutes from our destination, Zooey got car sick and tossed her cookies.  (gross!)
  • Our cabin was the old Edgewood resort.  This is a place my parents went to before I was even born and I spent childhood summers visiting.  The resort has since been sold off and individuals own the cabins with a home owners association.  I hadn’t been here since 1991! And the cabin we stayed in was the same cabin my parents stayed at in 1973 (before me!)
  • It only took a matter of minutes after arrival for the kids to be in their swimsuits and in the lake
  • Dimitri and I were excited for a week of relaxation, this last year has been a hard one! We needed downtime!
  • A stop to Zorba’s on the Lake was first on our list!
  • Our cabin came with a boat #win
  • Morning on the porch with coffee
  • Everyone waking up and making their way down to the water
  • Lots of boat time
  • Paddle boards
  • sandcastle
  • Our entire family on the lily pad!
  • Fishing, fishing and more fishing
  • Sunsets on the lake are the best
  • Crossing the headwaters of the Mississippi with my kids. The same thing I used to do as a kid!
  • Rain in the mornings, and then sun in the afternoon
  • Downton Park Rapids
  • Tubing!
  • S’mores!
  • Ice Cream!
  • Breakfast at the lumber jack camp
  • The family fun center which included rock climbing, bumper boats and go carts!
  • paddle boat rides
  • Robert,  Keri and Dimitri making egg rolls
  • Swim suits, flip-flops, tan lines, freckles, bug bites and lake hair
  • Evening lake rides
  • I want to go back.

More catching up soon!

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July 18 , 2016 – July 22, 2016

Push play above to see photos and videos from the week.

Things are moving so fast around here – I am catching up with photos and videos from July!

Things to remember:

  • The house still under construction this week! Moving out all the furniture so that the new flooring could be installed
  • Lunch with the kiddos at the hot dog shoppe!
  • Getting involved in a new group!
  • The floor installation day was kinda rough. The contractors started at 9 am and they left our house around 11 pm.  The kids were banished to the basement, but it got crazy down there when cabin fever set in.  Also – our front doors weren’t working out with the new flooring, and Dimitri removed them to fix the issue …after 11 pm at night!  I was so happy when it was all done.  And technically it isn’t done. We still need baseboard in the dining room!
  • Watching Stranger Things on Netflix.  Have you watched this?
  • Between the floor craziness and leaving for vacation we celebrated Dimitri’s birthday! The day before his actual birthday with pie, presents and our family.  On his actual birthday we had a sand volleyball game. The heat index was 106 F.  It was crazy hot.  At one point I started seeing black spots and thought I was going to pass out. We probably should have been drinking water instead of that bucket of birthday beer! eek!
  • Dimitri pulled his back and had a few appointments with a chiropractor who apparently likes the Hawkeyes.  I guess Dimitri needs to screen his doctors on their University affiliation before he makes an appointment!
  • It was SO HOT this week that McDonald’s Large Iced Coffee was my morning drink – not once but twice.
  • Lunch with the birthday boy!
  • Ethan was excited to go a pool party with his friends! Soon they will all be heading to middle school!
  • And I did a little last-minute shopping before our vacation with Ethan. He has grown so much this summer and nothing is fitting! We will need to do some back to school shopping soon!

I have another video of our vacation to the lake…stay tuned!


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