4.16.15 | What’s Up?

Hello There. How about a massive photo dump of everything we’ve been up to for the past week or so?

Did I tell you I chopped my hair once again?  There has been a lot of figuring out how to wear and it and style it…I try different things and then I always go back to curly.  In my younger days I didn’t like curly – I would fight it and make it straight. But over the years – I’ve come to realize that curly is who I am.

Here is where I attempted messy waves with the new cut. But here is the thing that people without curly hair don’t get – messy waves…take work! To get this look I straightened my hair first and then went back through with a curling iron to make loose waves. Cute yes – the time and heat to my hair – not worth it.
Short hair don't care! Going for the messy wavy look. It always takes awhile to figure out a new hairdo

And this is me. I am curly girl.
Chop chopOk @uiowa77 here is the hair formula jelly soft curls while wet. Air dry. Once dry spray with Play Dirty by style sexy hair. Scrunch. The end. Sometimes if I want my curls to look more polished I will do a couple of curls with curling iron near face and c@uiowa77 back of hair #fluffballcity


So here is my hair formula…because some of you have been asking.   After shower I apply this to my damp hair: Miss Jessie’s Jelly Soft Curls . I like to let it air dry..but sometimes I don’t have time to air dry. I did just pick up this blow dryer and I am liking it! Conair Curl Fusion Ionic Ceramic Styler Hair Dryer. After dry I use a texture spray. I like this one: Sexy Hair Style Sexy Play Dirty Dry Wax  and this one: Amika Obliphica Un.Done Texture Spray . I spray a little on and scrunch and form curls with my finger. Sometimes I go through and use the curling iron just around my face or on crown for a more polished look to my curls. Sometimes I don’t wash my hair everyday because it is so dry. On those days I use: Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo.  So now you know :)
More photos of the everyday taken with my iPhone.There is something on your back @dimitri_bostinelos #misszThey are both wearing pj pants playing with dolls in the driveway #missz #owenchristopher #bigbro #littlesis #hedoeslikeher #notfightingI asked for a handsome photo of Owen . This is what he gave me. #owenchristopher #eightRecorder time #myethan#latergram forgot to post this odd photo. Yia Yia home from Arizona brought home huge lemons. The kids are dressed odd - wrapped in towels and blankets and no shirts. I have no idea why.Showing off his latest Lego creation #myethan
The Easter bunny brought Zooey the cutest rain boots! You can find them here…Toms Tiny Toddlers Rain Boots in Multi Dot Rubber
Do they makes these in my size? #missz #toms

Easter baskets:IMG_0720

So Ethan started wearing JEANS! This is huge. I think the last time he wore jeans was about 5 years ago. He told me not to make a big deal out of it. HA!Ethan hasn't worn jeans for at least 5 years!! And the last few weeks....jeans!!!! #myethan #makingprogress #ten

She dressed herself. Lately she has had a lot of input on her outfits. Sometimes I agree, sometimes I don’t. But I am a big believer in letting kids find their own style and letting them pick. Although I will put my foot down if it is not appropriate (like for the weather or where we are going/activity). For the most part she does OK. There was a melt down about multi colored stripes at Easter that she didn’t get away with. She dressed herself this morning. Black + dots. #missz

Zooey had Transitional Kindergarten (TK) round-up last week! That darn summer birthday of hers! We decided that giving her another year before entering kindergarten is a good idea. AND with TK she gets to be in the same school as her brothers! She is excited about that!Transitional Kindergarten (TK) registration today #misszfuture star right here! #missz

So my Mother-in-law likes to spoil me. Kate Spade Berry Street Elise Bag Purse Handbag 
My MIL sending me gifts from Arizona. #katespade #summer again #spoiled

Good Friday Easter Service at Greek Orthodox Church. The light pouring into the back of the church was kind of amazing. IMG_9862IMG_9865

Zooey last in line.IMG_9869IMG_9872

A trip to the park…the weather hasn’t been so bad.IMG_0006IMG_0010IMG_0014IMG_0026IMG_0052
Ethan was at a friend’s house for the night..so we picked up another kid to keep us content until morning.IMG_0031IMG_9904IMG_9911IMG_9916IMG_9927IMG_9939IMG_9943IMG_9955IMG_9956IMG_9963IMG_9968
Zooey’s outfit from Hanna Andersson… I love their kids clothes. I didn’t find this exact outfit online anymore…but there are lots of cute ones here: Hanna AnderssonIMG_9993IMG_9999

And just so I made it into one photo at the park: Today we wear blue #us @dimitri_bostinelos

The sunset – love.IMG_0066IMG_9990
After the park…Cherry Berry (frozen yogurt)…because that’s how we roll.IMG_0071

Sidewalk chalk Sunday.
Chalk time #missz

Zooey’s April outfit from FabKids (including shoes!)

Sunday we celebrated Greek Orthodox Easter with family and friends:IMG_0142IMG_0147IMG_0154IMG_0169IMG_0173IMG_0189IMG_0192IMG_0205IMG_0206

They found a ladybug.IMG_0215

Back at home…watching a storm come in on Sunday nightWatching the rain

Dance photo night! She is a tap-dancing elephant. Can it get much cuter?
Dance photo night! #missz

Spring Fiesta night at school!Spring Fiesta!!! #owenchristopher #missz

And we are all caught up!  Happy Thursday!!

In case you wanted to know:


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4.11.15 | Mudroom Fun

As soon as the contractors are done with our basement work and the work going on in our mudroom door/trim – I have big plans to redecorate! Our mudroom is the main exit and entry way for us living in the house (guests use the front door).  It also is the location of our washer and dryer and staircase leading to our basement. To say the least this room gets used! It is the place where coats are hung up, backpacks, purses, shoes pile up and also where I always have a pile of laundry on deck ready to go in the washer at all times..

Here are a few before photos in its everyday state (eek!!)

The coat hooks need to be emptied! It’s that time of year where we have every type of coat out. Winter coats, rain coats, fleece jacket…snow one day, sunshine the next it seems!
Mudroom before

Here is one looking into the kitchen and you can see the basement stairs. Dimitri already started prepping the wall to be painted! There is a landing and then a sharp turn to get into the basement at the bottom of those stairs – meaning that wall gets bumped and hit a lot every time we move something to the basement. I still have contractors down there working on the bathroom and the new vanity still needs to make it down those stairs and around the corner – so we are waiting on the painting until that is done.

And my sad little washing machine area! Including an overflowing basket of clothes!  I am really airing the dirty laundry here!  The trim still needs to go up around the back door – soon they tell me!
Mudroom before

So my plans for the mudroom….

  • I want to paint both the doors blue (either light blue or an aqua)! This one is taking awhile to sink in with Dimitri.  And maybe we should just do one door?? The door going into the garage??
  • I want to put coordinating blue contact paper on the back of those shelves and then stack with cute baskets or bins.
  • Paint! The walls need to be painted from the mudroom down to the basement – I am thinking grey and leaving the wainscoting white.
  • We need a new rug runner – I have been debating something black and white or something more colorful.  Muddy shoes, etc come through these doors so it needs to be something that can wash up easily.
  • Photos/art work – I want some photos of the kids or some fun artwork hung up near the coat rack area. I also want to do the same on the wall at the bottom of the stairs.
  • I haven’t decided on a light fixture. The one in there (not pictured) is original to the house I am sure (1960’s) its nothing special, just a white dome light fixture. Not horrible – but not a statement piece.

Of course I have been watching Pinterest for inspiration.

I love the light fixture (below) and the rug in this one!


Blue door!  Light fixture


Ok this is clearly a front entry (below) but I love the blue door! I also love the rug!



Cute storage for above the washer and dryer!



Blue door!



Light fixture possibilities…



Blue door!



After photo below with the blue contact paper…



Photo display:

Photo display:


I can’t wait to get started! Stay tuned for updates!

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4.9.15 | Right Now


A few things I am looking at right now…

Right now: I am eyeing these Birkenstock sandals! I haven’t had a Birkenstocks since the 1990’s! But I believe they are making a come back – and that makes me happy! They are so comfy! And I promise not to wear them with socks like I did in 1993. (EEK!)

Birkenstock Women’s Adria Thong Sandal


Some Pinterest finds with Birkenstocks:



Right now: I also looking for some new workout shorts for spring/summer… how about these?

Reebok Women’s Crossfit 5-Inch Bootie Shorts

ASICS Women’s Interval Short, Black/White



Right Now:  I need a new umbrella for our patio table. Mine got left open when a thunderstorm blew in.  That was the end of my umbrella :(

California Umbrella 9-Feet Olefin Fabric Aluminum Auto Tilt Market Umbrella 


Right Now: It won’t stop raining! How cute is this rain jacket? !! I love coats with hoods.

Cole Haan Women’s Single Breasted Raincoat Anorak with Hood

Right Now:  I love these cute socks! Just because!

K. Bell Socks Women’s Mini Ruffles Crew 2-Pack, Creme Brulee/Phantom Black,



Right now: I can’t get enough sharpies.  I use these on everything! Although Zooey has inherited my love of sharpies and we have had to hide all of them from here to save our furniture and walls!!

Sharpie 37172 Ultra Fine Point Permanent Marker, Assorted Colors, 12-Pack


Right now: I am in the market for a new hairdryer to dry my curls… I think I am going to give this one a try!

Conair Curl Fusion Ionic Ceramic Styler Hair Dryer

Happy Thursday!

*Note:  links above are through Amazon.com. I receive a small commission when products are purchased through these links.

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4.8.15 | Dressing Miss Z





Zooey’s March outfit from Fabkids! I was looking for a cute dress for her to wear to Easter festivities and this was the perfect find!  The leggings and shoes are also from Fabkids! Zooey is in love with dresses! Pink and purple are also a favorites – so you know this outfit was made for her.   She did spill a bit of chocolate on her dress during Easter brunch – and it washed out perfectly! Yeah! I love cute clothes that wash up well!

If you don’t know about Fabkids, go check it out!  It’s super easy – you just go on and fill out a style profile for your little one.  Then at the first of every month they will send you some outfit choices via an email link. You can either select to purchase the outfit(s) or skip until the next month.  There are some great deals for just signing up for a VIP membership!

If you are interested in trying out FabKids,  feel free to use my referral link! It would be greatly appreciated!! :)

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4.7.15 | Hello Tuesday


Ok – here comes a huge photo dump! So prepare! This past weekend we celebrated Easter with my family. A couple of egg hunts, dying eggs, food, easter baskets! Let’s get right to the photos:


Getting a photo of all three – not easy. And because someone asked after I posted this photo on Facebook….that is the Easter Bunny’s tail down there. (EEEK!) Easter Bunny’s are creepy enough – now this!




Three kids with kazoos! Yeah! (sarcastic excitement)  IMG_0478

Let’s keep it clean bunny! Zooey informed me that there was a “human bean” in side that bunny. HA!



My sweet Ethan..


The egg hunt was divided up between the older kids (6 – 12) and the younger kids (5 and under). So I took Zooey over to the little kid hill, but that means I missed those crazy boys!

My favorite:


I grabbed a photo of Owen coming back from the hunt, Ethan had already disappeared to find a drink of water. Egg hunting made him thirsty.IMG_0591IMG_0593IMG_0603

Later that day we dyed Easter eggs! Has anyone tried putting the egg inside a whisk? I think I saw this idea on Pinteret! It worked great! IMG_0613IMG_0620IMG_0629IMG_0632IMG_0640IMG_0673IMG_0689IMG_0708IMG_0715

Photos from Sunday:IMG_0745

Ethan was in a mood because Dimitri put gel in his hair. He did not like this. We were doing our best to make him laugh. Finally he cracked and then went back to grumpy.IMG_0784IMG_0787IMG_0807IMG_0814IMG_0815

Owen loves his wolfIMG_0826

One from brunch, apparently I didn’t take many photos, I was busy eating.IMG_0830

Ethan thanking Papa for the Amazon gift card in his Easter basket:IMG_0847

Owen checking out his stash:IMG_0853

Heading out for another Egg Hunt at Grandma and Papa’s!IMG_0859IMG_0864IMG_0871IMG_0874

I was worried that Ethan might be too old for all the Easter events this year…but he was in.IMG_0893IMG_0932

Of course Zooey was WAY into it!

A little swing set time after the hunt.IMG_0948IMG_1006

Owen standing on the slide! I just cut off his feet in the photo, so he looks very tall!IMG_0964

Oh this guy…


It’s impossible to get them all three to look and smile.IMG_0990IMG_1065

And the mandatory, in front of the fireplace holiday photo.IMG_1077IMG_1091

And now we are getting ready for Orthodox Easter this weekend! Easter…round 2 coming right up!
In case you wanted to know:

Happy Tuesday!

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4.3.15 | Happy Friday

And just like that a week went by…sorry for the lack of blogginess (that’s a word, right?) .  But this week I decided that catching some extra sleep was more important then blogging.  Not sure why I feel the need to apologize for when I don’t blog much or when my don’t take many photos, or when I don’t use my big camera for photos…or when I haven’t posted my Project Life 2015 pages in weeks (I know, I know, eek!).

2015 thus far I’ve done some soul seeking for myself.  I’ve given myself a bit or room to break routine and take care of myself – that might mean getting more sleep or moving more or just taking a break.  This week I decided to say “no” to  people and things that either 1). don’t fill me up or 2). I just don’t have time for.  3). don’t fit within my priorities or goals in my life. And being the people pleaser that I am – it is HARD for me to say “No”.  I can think of at least five things I said “No” to this week – that is huge for me.  And as I say “no” and clear out the clutter I can focus on what is really important in my life right now. “No” is good.

Enough of the deep thoughts…how about some photos of what we have been up to the past week?

Owen giving Lucy the Cat bunny ears.
Poor Lucy #owenchristopher

A date night with Dimitri…the night started so well. We went to Old Chicago (my first time ever) and then we did some Target shopping.  After that we went to check out a new local establishment and things just got odd from that point on in the night. Lessoned learned….belly full of pizza and red cart full of goodies proceed home, because it can’t get much better than that.His and hers #datenight #oldchicagoOmg! So good! #oldchicago #datenightWe just had the weirdest night out #datenight @dimitri_bostinelos

Zooey attended a birthday party with her friends over the weekend! She had a blast! The boys also went to a party – but they really don’t like their mom hanging around taking photos. Big kids..I tell you!Zooey and her friends at a birthday part today! #missz #andfriends

Speaking of my big kids…I wanted to get a picture of all three after church and only one would cooperate.I tried to get a pic of all three. Only one was up for it #missz

So when you wonder why Zooey gets so much photo time and the boys don’t…well just know that it isn’t for me trying.

Unless I sneak attack like this one.
All three yesterday #latergram

Or this one
He us turning into such a pre-teen these days. Not thrilled with his mom taking his pic #myethan

Or this one…Ethan checking out the attic in our house.
Checking out the attic #myethan

Or this one when they were watching the first thunderstorm of the season roll in.
Watching the first thunderstorm of the season roll in

So that’s why you see lots of photos of her. Because she is 4 and funny.Sunshine and her bike. One of my favorite combos!She tucked her pants into her socks. #fashionista #missz

Even my pets are dodging photos..so here is a picture of my neighbor’s cat, Daphne, who joined us for a little walk around the block.Not my cat @emilyhamstra23


That’s all I got! I hope you have a great weekend! Happy Friday!

In case you wanted to know:

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3.27.15 | Happy Friday


Oh this week started bad and ended good…it started out with me going to the dentist because I had a tooth that has been bothering me for a while, and it had gotten to the point that I couldn’t enjoy things…like ice cream! That is when I firmly drew the line and decided that it must be checked out.  Long story short (you’re welcome) I ended up in root canal on Wednesday morning. Boo! But the good news is that ice cream is back in my diet! The bad news is that I have another tooth that needs attention it’s not bothering me now, but it will eventually (says the endodontic – sigh).

So with all that business going on I wasn’t feeling that great most of the week. And thus I took two photos with my iPhone.  One of Sugar the dog for national puppy day. 13 year-old dogs are still considered puppies right?My 13 year old puppy #nationalpuppyday

And me being sad and pathetic on the couch with my mouth completely numb.I had a unplanned root canal today and another tooth that needs attention.

I still wasn’t feeling that great yesterday..until about 4 pm. Then everything started getting better. Zooey had dance class and it was parent’s night so I got to go in with my big camera! Yeah! She is such a ham! I love it!

I realize that I must be feeling a ton better because I managed to put together this little video together from the class:

So moral of the story… don’t wait to see the dentist when you have a sore tooth.

Happy Friday!

In case you wanted to know:

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3.26.15 | Right Now

Right now:  I am thinking of fun ways I can decorate my patio.  It is in need of some love.  I have my eye on these lights.  Set of 10 White Indoor/Outdoor Mini Oriental Style Nylon Lantern Plug-in String Lights

Right Now: We are getting ready for Zooey to go to Elementary school in the fall! Registration is coming up soon. She is going to need a new backpack and a lunch box. I’ve been looking at this lunch box for her:Bentgo Kids – Leakproof Children’s Lunch Box

Right now: My closet needs cleaning out. I would love to replace all those plastic hangers with these:J.S. Hanger®Solid Beech Wooden Coat/Jacket Hangers,

Right now: I am still collection spring/summer clothes for the kiddos. Zooey loves dresses just like me! Speechless Little Girls’ Chevron Knit Dress,

Right now: Not only are contractors working on my basement bathroom, they are putting in a new back door/screen door in our mud room. My plans are to paint the room after they are done. Of course I need a new rug! I am debating between black and white and something colorful. What do you think?  Something like this:

Safavieh Chatham Collection CHT715A Handmade Wool Area Runner

Or something like this? American Rug by Mohawk Rainbow Rug,


Happy Thursday!

*Note:  links above are through Amazon.com. I receive a small commission when products are purchased through these links.

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3.25.15 | Pinspiration

Here are a few things I have been pinning:

So we are in the middle of a downstairs remodel of our basement bathroom.  Below is my design inspiration.  Loving the striped shower curtain and grey tones. My mission to get out all of the brown in the house is making progress (but not complete).  I have my eye on this shower curtain: InterDesign Mildew-Free Water-Repellent Zeno Shower Curtain – which hopefully comes back in stock soon.

Wishing for a pair of white pants or jeans this spring. Maybe my next Stitch Fix will come through?


Her outfit…her hair. Love it all.  Lately I’ve been washing and go with my hair.  I’ve come to  terms that it is big and poofy..and just part of who I am.  Why fight it? My two new favorite hair products: Miss Jessie’s Jelly Soft Curls and Amika Obliphica Un.Done Texture Spray.   I put in gel..let it air dry and once dry spray in some texture spray and call it done for the day.  I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on my hair lately!


I just love this print, that’s all.


What have you been pinning? I love finding new people to follow on Pinterest. Leave a link to your Pinterest boards in the comments and I will follow you! You can find me here.

You can check out past Pinspiration posts here.

*If you would like to pin any of the images above, click on the image and link up to the original source. 


Happy Wednesday!


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3.24.15 | Dusting off the DSLR

Spring has sprung and my DSLR got a dusting off. It tends to go into hibernation mode from January 1 until spring. As the temps rise and the grass becomes green – it I start to feel the need to start shooting. Here are a few I took recently.

iPad time.

I caught Ethan in the kitchen. My sneaky fast boys. I can usually find them in the kitchen getting a snack.

Ethan lego building.

On our way to see the Cinderella movie.

At the park:

Blowing bubbles:IMG_0003IMG_9996IMG_0018IMG_9975

Miss Z and her Easter friends:IMG_9882


For my local friends… I recently posted my spring/summer session dates over on my photo blog. I have decided only to do photo session this year one day a week, on Sundays late afternoons/early evenings from April – October.  Yes this is fewer session dates then I have done in the past. But last year I was overwhelmed.  Especially in the Fall. I am blessed to have so many of you that want me to take your photos.  But at this point in my life – photography is a part time business for me. I still work a normal office job – which actually includes travel and night meetings (not complaining, just a fact).  I was in over my head last fall – committing to too much.  I don’t want to give up photography. But I have to set limits and boundaries to the dates/times when I do take photos for my side business. Otherwise I just feel like I am working all the time, and I have no down time or fun time with my family.  That’s not fair to them or me.   So the dates are set. Some dates are already taken.  I will post Fall dates in about mid-July. First come, first serve. Contact me to grab your date.

I am looking forward to more spring photos and then summer photos and then fall photos – my favorite time of year to take photos.
In case you wanted to know:

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